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EforAll’s Spanish language program is a success!

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At the end of its first year, our Spanish Language program has provided invaluable education, motivation, connection, and mentoring support to hundreds of Spanish speaking Entrepreneurs.  Our Spanish language program includes:

“Concurso Pitch Lanza Tu Idea” (Pitch Contest):

This program is the only one of its kind in the region. We hosted our fifth Concurso Pitch- Lanza Tu Idea on May 2, 2015.   The Concurso Pitch Lanza Tu Idea has unleashed profound creativity and a sense of hope for the Latino entrepreneurs, who are more comfortable speaking in their native language. It is helping Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs pursue their dreams of having their own ventures.   These contests are held every quarter, and we are proud to say that we’ve had over 80 applicants, and approximately 80 -100 people attend each contest.

“Negocios Exitosos” (Successful Businesses):

Our Negocios Exitosos program aims to help Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs and small business owners analyze how they are currently running their businesses. The goal of this program is to teach the entrepreneur how to integrate essential tools of entrepreneurship in order to take their business to the next level.

The program consists of four full-day interactive educational and mentoring sessions. Participants are asked to put into practice the strategies and technique taught by experts from diverse industries. The curriculum includes basic business subjects, as well as education on leadership styles, team building and behavioral techniques intended to empower them to succeed.

Participants come from the greater Merrimack Valley and from as far as Providence RI. Many of the participants of Negocios Exitosos are already seeing their business ideas take shape and many are realizing a growth in sales.  All participants who attend at least 3 sessions receive a certificate endorsed by EparaTodos during a ceremony celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 to October 15).

“Negocios Exitosos Meetups”:

One of the most exciting pieces of our Spanish language program is our Negocios Exitosos Meetups which bring together 25 – 35 entrepreneurs, small business owners and professionals to connect and network in their native language. These meetups offer a platform to share ideas, build networks, and generate business opportunities. Meetups are held the last Wednesday of each month in Lawrence.