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EforAll Community Celebrates Entrepreneurs
at 2015 Winter Accelerator Awards

For twelve-weeks, eighteen entrepreneurs came together to take part in the 2015 EforAll Winter Accelerator. The class comprised of individuals from all walks of life including a teacher, a former Raytheon programmer, and a fitness trainer. Despite the differences in their backgrounds, these entrepreneurs came together to help each other move their early-stage ventures forward. “The Accelerator program was one of the best experiences of my professional career,” said Laurin Mills, Founder of The Dinner Daily.

EforAll Entrepreneur Showcase

EforAll Entrepreneur Showcase


On March 5, over 200 people came out to the Everett Mills in Lawrence to celebrate these entrepreneurs. In typical EforAll fashion, the event kicked off with an entrepreneur showcase. At the event, Thomas O’Hearn (pictured above on left) and Thomas & Tiffany Bell (pictured above on right) had the opportunity to connect with audience members about their ventures. 


Sandra Katz of the Center for Bilingual Services was one of 4 Lawrence entrepreneurs to receive special recognition from Mayor Rivera

The evening featured inspiring addresses from various individuals including Marianne Paley Nadel (Owner of the Everett Mills), Desh Deshpande (Founder of the Deshpande Foundation), Thomas Demakes (CEO of Old Neighborhood Foods), and Daniel Rivera (Mayor of Lawrence) After his speech, Mayor Rivera gave special recognition the program’s Lawrence participants. He thanked these individuals for being catalysts in creating economic and social impact in the city. 
The keynote address came from Glynn Lloyd (Co-Founder of City Growers / CEO of City Fresh Foods). He not only shared stories on his successes, but talked about the many times he failed, and how those experiences were an inspiration to keep reaching his ultimate goal of serving fresh and healthy food to diverse communities. To end, Glynn told audience members that entrepreneurs will be key in solving some of society’s most pressing problems.

Glynn Lloyd gives the evening's keynote address at the EforAll Accelerator Awards

Glynn Lloyd gives the evening’s keynote address

Wander Morel of Años Fitness gives his one-minute pitch

Next, our entrepreneurs came on stage to make their one-minute pitches. Wander Morel (pictured to the left) stood in front of the packed room to not only make his pitch, but thank the EforAll community for all that it has done for him. To end the evening, the winners were announced (see next tab). Meryl & Neadson of Imagine Farm took home the evening’s top prize of $5,000. “Before joining the EforAll Accelerator, Imagine Farm was only a concept,” said Meryl. “Now, it has become a full-fledged business. We plan to leverage the cash prize for a down payment on a van to deliver our leafy and micro green products.” 

Do you know someone who is interested in applying to the EforAll Summer Accelerator? We are now accepting applications until April 30th!

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The EforAll Accelerator is now a one-year opportunity. The first three months will be the intensive accelerator program. After that time period, participants will receive continued support for the next nine months. Given this change, EforAll will now distribute the program’s $30K prize pool throughout the year. The first $15K is given out after the three-month program ends (see winners below). The rest of the $15K will be distributed in the next three quarters of the year to participants who have demonstrated significant progress in their ventures.

 EforAll Winners, Meryl & Neadson - Imagine Farm $5,000 – Meryl & Neadson, Imagine Farm (pictured on left with David Parker, Executive Director of EforAll)
EforAll Winners, Thomas & Tiffany Bell – The Food Train $3,000 – Thomas & Tiffany Bell, The Food Train (from left to right, pictured with Desh Deshpande of the Deshpande Foundation, Lianna Kushi of Family ID, and Glynn Llloyd of City Fresh Foods)
EforAll Winner, James Fox - Obz Design $2,500 – James Fox, Obz Design (from left to right, pictured with Raj Melville of the Deshpande Foundation & Steve Tello of UMass Lowell)
DSC_3989 $2,500 award from UMass Lowell to fund a student intern – Andrea Mulligan, Sophity (pictured with Tom O’Donnell & Steve Tello of UMass Lowell)
EforAll Winer, Laurin Mills - The Dinner Daily $2,000 – Laurin Mills,  The Dinner Daily (from left to right, pictured with Raj Melville of the Deshpande Foundation & Fred Faust of The Edge Group)
EforAll Winner, Thomas O'Hearn - On the Spot $1,500 – Thomas O’Hearn, On the Spot (pictured with Lianna Kushi of Family ID & John Howard of the Merrimack Valley Federal Credit Union)
 DSC_3980 $1,000 – Wander Morel,  Años Fitness (from left to right, pictured with Mayor Dan Rivera of Lawrence and Raj Melville of the Deshpande Foundation)
 DSC_3976 $500 – Leah Okimoto, Aaron’s Presents (for the Hamilton Award. This is given to honor the life of Christina Hamilton. Pictured is Derek Hamilton, the son of Christina Hamilton, and Lianna Kushi of Family ID) 


2015 EforAll Winter Accelerator Class

2015 EforAll Winter Accelerator Class

“The EforAll Accelerator helped me focus on the important things and really drive my business forward. I learned a ton while I was there and am grateful for all of the support I received from the EforAll team, my mentors,and my fellow finalists. I look forward to continuing to be part of the EforAll community and helping other entrepreneurs along the way.”

–Andrea Mulligan, Sophity

“The Accelerator program was one of the best experiences of my professional career.   I learned more in the this program about how to move my business forward with real actionable steps than I did in an intensive MBA program. Having the support of the EforAll staff AND a committed mentor team was invaluable and incredibly unique. If you have a business and you want to move quickly, this is the program to be in”.

–Laurin Mills, The Dinner Daily

“EforAll’s accelerator developed me both as an individual and as an entrepreneur.  Not only did I receive expert advice over the course of the 12 week program, I was introduced to a massive community of successful entrepreneurs, who were crucial to my own success. When I started the accelerator my business was really just an idea, now with the support of the EforAll community it is an actual functioning business!”

–Thomas O’Hern, On the Spot

Do you know someone who is interested in applying to the EforAll Summer Accelerator? We are now accepting applications until April 30th!

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