Ed Manning

Company: Red Shift Marketing, LLC

Title: Marketing Consultant

Profession: Technology Marketing

Mentor History: Streem , Fun Face Express , Prae

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Industry experience

  • Advertising/Marketing
  • IT
  • Computer systems and infrastructure

Specialization / Skills Inventory

  • Coaching/Advising/Problem Solving
  • Marketing & PR
  • Sales - Enterprise
  • Strategy
  • messaging (Value Prop), product positioning, customer profiling & targeting, communications


Ed is a marketing executive with 30+ years of experience in bringing technology products to market around the world with companies such as Hewlett-Packard and Compaq.

His value to the entrepreneurs is in helping them to think through the process for framing out a comprehensive marketing plan that brings focus and clarity to the opportunity, positioning, messaging and audience targeting for their product.

It has always been a highpoint to engage with people looking for a path to a particular objective and to help them find their way to get there. Ed has excellent listening skills, and a compassion for people who are working hard but struggling with some element of their plan.

He can help people to step back and think critically to bring a more disciplined approach to examining their problem and evaluating potential solutions.

Ed enjoys the passion and creativity of the entrepreneurs and considers this to be very much a bi-directional opportunity for learning from others including the participants, mentor community, subject matter experts and the guiding hands from the EforAll team.