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“I was excited to find something this local; it’s nice that this is here in the Merrimack Valley. The other appeal was that I could use my practice to help others; the most rewarding work for myself was to put myself in situations where I was surrounded by a big mix of people. ”
-Anne Marie Messier, Founder of Straightline Management Solutions




“EforAll has been an excellent opportunity for me to mentor entrepreneurs with ideas that vary from sophisticated technologies to grassroots non-profits. It’s very satisfying to be able to help bring about a groundswell of entrepreneurial activity in Lowell and Lawrence!”
-Pradeep Aradhya, CEO of Novus Laurus LLC / NLMobile




Ed Manning“Having a structured framework such as the Accelerator Program enables one to see development and improvement over time and therefore have some measure of impact. I have had the opportunity to provide ad hoc mentoring to many people over my career in a large corporation. While satisfying and useful, it was not always possible to see the end result so clearly.

Working within this disciplined process provided the opportunity to add value along the way in support of the entrepreneur’s defined objectives and then see directly how it turns out.”
-Ed Manning, Marketing Consultant, Red Shift Marketing


Fielding“I love being involved in something that is in its beginning stages and where the entrepreneur is open to advice and direction. It’s a balance between what they need and what I get from it that makes this experience so valuable. I was able to bring something to the table that was needed and appreciated. For me, being self employed and not part of a team, I often miss the opportunity to share my gifts with others and being a mentor really gives me that opportunity. I’m often on auto pilot with my businesses and love this opportunity to help someone else. I loved the team, meetings, scheduling, etc. It worked perfect for my schedule.”
-Patti Fielding, Owner & Manager, B&L Holdings LLC


Kevin Oye“I’ve always gotten the most satisfaction of seeing people “stretch”; achieving what they thought they couldn’t do. The unexpected side benefit of EforAll was how much fun it is working with people in unexpected areas. Mentoring here keeps my own brain agile.”
-Kevin Oye, Consultant, Sycamore Networks