Entrepreneur Program / Mentors

Industry experience:
Specialization / Skills

Angelo Firenze

Company: Ascendle

Title: VP Client Success

Profession: Entrepreneur

Mentor History: BareHand

Annette Reynolds

Company: 128 Innovation Capital Group

Title: Executive Director

Profession: Sales/Marketing/Fundraising/

Mentor History: Mill City Glass Works , Edible Land Design , True Cyclery

Annmarie Galli

Company: Research Query

Title: Consultant

Profession: Life Science Consultant

Mentor History: Get Girls Going

Ashli Ree

Company: Middlesex Community College

Title: Professor, Fashion Merchandising

Profession: Professor

Bob Katz

Company: FACTS

Title: President

Profession: Management Consultant

Mentor History: HPT Engineering , Pro Graphics, Inc. , The Spiral Arts Project

Chris Sullivan

Company: Oracle

Title: Enterprise Sales Manager

Profession: Technology Sales

Mentor History: Fun Face Express

Daryl Long

Company: EMC, HP, Compaq

Title: Recently retired

Profession: IT Product Management

Dona Flamme


Title: President

Profession: Entrepreneur

Mentor History: Pro Graphics, Inc. , Aaron`s Presents , Sophity LLC

Ed Manning

Company: Red Shift Marketing, LLC

Title: Marketing Consultant

Profession: Technology Marketing

Mentor History: Streem , Fun Face Express

Elaine Sousa

Company: Formerly from Osram Sylvania

Title: Manager Financial Analysis

Profession: Accounting/Finance/Process Management

Frank Faticanti

Company: formerly Ametek Inc.

Title: VP of Operations

Profession: Process Improvement

Mentor History: Bhlue LLC , Imagine Farm , Thrive Communities of Massachusetts

Franky Descoteaux

Company: EforAll

Title: Executive Director

Profession: Entrepreneur

Gary Chamberlain

Company: Pro Graphics, Inc.

Title: Founder & CEO

Profession: Entrepreneur

Mentor History: The Spiral Arts Project

Gary Sidell

Company: Bell Tower Management LLC

Title: Owner

Profession: Commercial Real Estate Developer and Manager

Mentor History: Lawrence Yoga Collective , On the Spot

Hayden Anderson

Company: Dracut Associates

Title: Founder

Profession: Accounting consultant

Mentor History: Power of Flowers Project

Hugh Kelly

Company: Kwicr

Title: VP of Marketing and Strategy

Profession: Marketing

Mentor History: Adey LLC , BareHand

Jeanne Union

Company: IBM

Title: Sales presentation coach, proposal manager

Profession: Proposal (written and orals) coach

Jeff Maclaren

Company: Self-Employed

Title: Owner

Profession: Consulting CFO/COO

Mentor History: Bocaditos , Gem Decorations

John Conley

Company: Gilliam Capital LLC

Title: Partner

Profession: Biotech (retired)

Mentor History: Lawrence Yoga Collective , Juvenile Court Restorative Justice Diversion (JCRJD) , My Crowning Jewel, LLC , The Food Train, Inc. , Option Trade Tracker

John Markiewicz

Company: Ainslie Associates

Title: Sr. Partner

Profession: Consultant

Mentor History: NowLocal, Inc. , Option Trade Tracker

Keelyn Sebeny

Company: WellPet

Title: Senior Recruiter and HR Business Partner

Profession: Business Management Professional

Mentor History: Gem Decorations

Kevin Oye

Company: Sycamore Networks, Inc.

Title: Consultant

Profession: High Tech Product Creation

Mentor History: Merrimack Analysis Group , AeroShip.it , BeActiveTogether , The Dinner Daily , True Cyclery , GiveWave Studios , Top Notch Network

Laura Smith

Company: EPOCH Senior Living

Title: Market Analyst

Profession: Strategic planning and marketing

Lisa Dufresne

Company: Foresight Science & Technology, Inc.

Title: Senior Consultant

Profession: New technology/product Commercialization

Mentor History: My Crowning Jewel, LLC , The Dinner Daily , 19 Steps Bake Shop , GiveWave Studios

Marty Kane

Company: Paladin Interim Executive

Title: President/Founder

Profession: Business Executive/Entrepreneur

Mentor History: Operation Delta Dog , Meetcaregivers

Pat Riemitis

Company: The Atherton Group

Title: Founder, Principal Consultant

Profession: Technology Product Management, Product Marketing

Mentor History: Green Bikes of Lowell , i4class LLC , BeActiveTogether , Pro Graphics, Inc. , Tomo360 , Asinine Games , Streem , The Dinner Daily , Get Girls Going

Paul Bareford

Company: Erallo Technologies Inc.

Title: President

Profession: Sales engineer/entrepreneur

Paul Franzosa

Company: zds

Title: innovator & mentor

Profession: Product Development Entrepreneur

Mentor History: The Indigo Pixies , LookBug

PJ Anand

Company: Alcyone Lifesciences, Inc

Title: CEO

Profession: Biomedical Entrepreneur

Pradeep Aradhya

Company: Novus Laurus LLC

Title: CEO

Profession: Mobile Entrepreneur

Mentor History: KEO Homemade Ice Cream , The Medallion Movement , Faux Pas , My Crowning Jewel, LLC , Adey LLC , BudEase

Rafael Fonseca

Company: American Science and Engineering

Title: Director Product Management

Profession: Technology

Mentor History: Anos fitness Llc , True Cyclery , Studio 26

Randy Corke

Company: NowLocal

Title: CEO and Co-founder

Profession: Entrepreneur

Mentor History: Option Trade Tracker

Renee Isler

Company: NA

Title: Manager

Profession: Self employed

Mentor History: 19 Steps Bake Shop

Richard Juknavorian

Company: PointRight, Inc.

Title: VP, Product Management

Profession: Health Care IT Executive

Mentor History: Meetcaregivers , Sophity LLC , Get Girls Going

Scott McKenzie

Company: Costantino Richards Rizzo, LLP

Title: Senior Manager

Profession: Public Accounting

Mentor History: 99 Degrees Custom (99C) , Waveonics

Steve LaTerza

Company: Gentex Corporation

Title: General Manager/Sr. Director of Tactical Optics

Profession: Reserch and Develpment

Mentor History: Edible Land Design , On the Spot , Jarfette Convertible Clothing

Teg Rood

Company: Rood Consulting

Title: Principal

Profession: Consultant

Mentor History: Merrimack Valley Time Exchange , LookBug , Aaron`s Presents , Bocaditos

Todd Smith

Company: American Textile History Museum

Title: Interim Executive Director

Profession: Strategic Consultant

Mentor History: BudEase

Trish Fleming

Company: Entrepreneurship for All

Title: Mentor Program Manager

Profession: Executive Management

Mentor History: Balefire Labs, LLC , Lady Dye Fiber Arts & Design , Tomo360 , Loomination , 19 Steps Bake Shop

Zachary Desmond

Company: n/a

Title: Attorney

Profession: Attorney