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Screenshot 2015-06-19 14.29.07Accelerator Mentors
Accelerator mentors work intensely with an Entrepreneur and 2 other mentors in a team environment. High touch, high commitment
12-month commitment
1.5 hrs/week for 12 weeks; 1.5 hrs/month for 9 months
Two Accelerators a year: can participate in either or both.

Accelerator Mentors are individuals with significant business and leadership experience who can help guide new entrepreneurs through the process of turning their idea into a going concern. Must be able to work with a wide variety of technologies, industries and business experience, and be able to relate their own personal and business experience into different industries and sectors. A curious and open mind is truly a plus. Must be able to make the time commitment!

IMG_1068Specialist Mentors
Specialist mentors are on-call for meetings with entrepreneurs and alumnae. Use your experience to guide an entrepreneur through an issue.
Time commitment: as needed

Specialist Mentors help entrepreneurs and mentor teams with specific issues and questions. They are also called upon for Office Hours help during our Accelerator periods. Like our Accelerator mentors, they must be able to relate to their own personal and business experience to different industries and sectors. Specialist mentors can include, but are not limited to, non-profit fundraising, accounting, presentation coaching, marketing strategy, website design, customer discovery techniques, Excel help, legal, or business formation. Specialists work with all the entrepreneurs whether they are currently in the Accelerator program or are alumni.

Read and score Accelerator & Pitch Contest applications. A great way to see ideas throughout our community and provide some quick feedback to entrepreneurs.
6 times per year over a weekend; 2 hours per weekend

Readers are the first set of volunteers who give feedback and encouragement to EforAll entrepreneurs. They read and score Pitch Contest and Accelerator Applications and provide feedback and advice to the applicants. Readers have to be able to evaluate ideas across a wide spectrum and provide short, actionable feedback. Application reviews always happen over a weekend, with a time commitment of about 2 hours per weekend. Typically, a reader will see 4-5 applications.

IMG_0414Program Volunteers
Work on creating entrepreneurial content and programming for the local area. Events include networking programs, educational nights and seminars, outreach activities and other activities that continue to develop the EforAll community.