Featured Entrepreneur / Green Bikes of Lowell–Samir ElKamouny

Entrepreneur Profile: Green Bikes of Lowell


Samir ElKamouny is trying to make Lowell the new Biking Mecca! His idea, Green Bikes of Lowell, is a bicycle sharing program that promotes green and affordable transportation. Samir hopes to have bicycle stations all around the city, so that people can easily rent bikes at their leisure.

What inspired you to pursue this idea?

Two reasons: I’m a bicycle enthusiast and love Lowell! As a student at UMass Lowell it would have been nice if there was a bicycle sharing program, so that I could explore the city. Now as a young professional in the city, I feel the need even more. There are a lot of people in Lowell who would prefer biking rather than driving their car to work or to run errands. I really want to tap into that market.

What’s the biggest challenge you see in your business right now?

It’s a capital intensive business, so I’m trying to figure out my revenue model to see how many bikes are needed to become profitable. 

Why did you join the Accelerator? How do you hope it will help your business?

For my business, there are so many directions to go. The Sandbox Winter Accelerator Program will help me focus and figure out what are the next steps to take. The program’s workshops and mentors will help in this process.

During the Accelerator, I need to figure out my target market and revenue model. By the end of it, I want to have a strong business-plan to take my idea forward.

What’s something the average person does not know about you? 

I started my own business at 14 moving lawns and doing landscaping on Cape Cod. My first customer was my grandma. I mowed her lawn in fifteen different ways, took pictures of it, and then showed people in my neighborhood all the ways I could mow their lawn. I had over 20 customers! 

Where do you want Green Bikes to be in 10 Years?

I hope in 10 years to have over 500 bikes around the city and over a dozen employees.

In the end Lowell can be the new Biking Mecca! Lowell is an amazing city. With a bicycle sharing program, current residents can experience the city in a new way. Also, this program can help increase tourism to Lowell.

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