Class: 2015 Winter

Company Description

Waveonics will transform the $36B recreational boating industry. By fusing the location services of mobile devices with the revolutionary power of crowdsourcing, our mobile app, Wayves, transforms common GPS navigation into a social platform for the 12 million US boat owners. With a few taps, any boater can enter, and share, social and safety information with the community in real-time. And, because Wayves is location-based, we know where our users are and what’s trending. This is highly valuable information. Selling this information to the maritime retailers will be very profitable.

01/13/2015 01:44 PM
As we cruise to our coming out party at the upcoming New England Boat Show and the greater market, we are working hard to validate our product and market assumptions. We need boaters and the businesses that support them to participate in our research surveys. We have one specific to the recreational boaters. If you are willing to participate in our survey, or know someone we should be reaching out to, please contact us at


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