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Trail Websites

Class: 2016 Winter

Company Description

Trail Websites helps Conservation and Land Trusts improve fundraising and public engagement through web design, development, hosting and managed operational services for trust websites. We add value to the Wordpress Content Management System with a database and tools that enable trusts to enter information about their properties and trails once and present it many different ways to visitors ensuring consistency and reducing duplicated work. Trail Websites also helps trusts become mobile device friendly, create more effective fundraising pages and use technology to get people out from behind their technology and into the outdoors.

11/16/2015 03:15 PM
I'm looking for mentors that can help me navigate decisions on product (managed service, custom consulting, Wordpress plug-in, all of the above?) delivery form, hosting partner choices (cost / quality tradeoffs, scalability, manageability, monitoring, etc.), pricing and, perhaps most importantly, when it is time to accelerate by hiring help v. keeping cost low but development slower longer.  
While I have a lot of experience in business, sales and marketing, I also know that it is very helpful to have more than one perspective and look forward to collaborating with staff, peers and mentors on general business aspects of Trail Websites and business in general.


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