Thrive Communities of Massachusetts

Class: 2015 Summer

Company Description

THRIVE will be a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower reentry residents (people who have been incarcerated) to overcome adversity, own their future, and thrive in community. Our theory for change combats recidivism by building and healing communities through the transforming powers of restorative practice, play, and unconditional love. Our model will help communities become more compassionate, informed, and resilient by intertwining people from various neighborhoods and social spheres who otherwise may not interact. This is timely work as issues of criminal justice, race, and socioeconomic barriers are being reevaluated in our society.

05/28/2015 03:05 PM
1) I need a business plan that will help my partner and I build a sustainable organization. 2) We need help translating the knowledge that we have about our target audience, volunteers, potential partners, resources, and the needs of our clientele to identify the most fertile geographic area to launch our pilot program and build a home for Thrive. 3) We need to secure seed funding, ideally for the next three years, in order to get off the ground. 4) We want to incorporate earned income (ie: cafe, store front, product, etc) into our business model that will provide not only a stream of funding, but employment and/or volunteer opportunities for our clients. I need help brainstorming and planning for this. 5) We want our clients to be at the heart of the organization. We need help providing intentional opportunities for their voices to be heard and their ideas applied to our work. So I guess we need help with focus groups or marketing techniques. 6) Most of all, we need encouragement, support, new perspectives, and critical feedback that will help us achieve our mission and goals.


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