Class: 2016 Summer

Company Description

Take-In is a weekly meal delivery service partnered with aspiring/semi-professional chefs to bring healthier, high-quality, or exclusive dishes to busy people who want to expand their palates but don’t always have the time to cook. By subscribing, eaters support budding local chefs in pursuing their aspirations to open their own restaurants by trying their dishes, following them on social media, and generating buzz. Aspiring chefs get free marketing to expand their customer base, make some extra income, and share amazing cuisine with their community. We aspire to make quality meals accessible all. In addition to donating a portion of profits to local food charities, we volunteer with Community Cooks, a Massachusetts nonprofit that delivers monthly meals to neighbors who need it most.

05/19/2016 03:48 PM
(1) Advertising/Marketing/Social Media strategy: In order to gain eaters, I will need a robust marketing strategy to engage with customers as well as to develop a strong pipeline for finding and recruiting chefs. Someone with expertise on how to identify potential partnerships/media engagement in the food space would be helpful. (2) Business model & Value proposition: How to think about the pricing model of our service, the value to our customers, and strategies on how to build a viable, sustainable business model (3) Logistics/Operations: Someone with process improvement experience could help me think through ways to simplify my current logistics/operations setup for food delivery without sacrificing the core mission of making good food more accessible. (2) General startup guidance: How to structure the right team/co-founders, how to approach bootstrapping/fundraising, legal considerations


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