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Class: 2016 Summer

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Refuge is a drawing and painting studio, designed to assist young artists who are seeking serious portfolio development, playful artistic self-expression, and everything in between. With a strong emphasis on positive community outreach and development of critical thinking skills, each student is offered a personalized approach to art-making, regardless of experience.

05/20/2016 03:57 PM
I am looking for guidance to help find paying students, especially for the upcoming summer months. I am also in the process of reconfiguring the concept of my classroom overall. Rather than hosting a classroom for many students, I would prefer to focus on having 5-6 students at a time who are regular students that pay monthly. This monthly rate would include a personalized space within the studio. This would allow me more time to mentor and guide students individually. This would also allow for us to expand community mural projects with students. As a school teacher I feel that I have been thinking about this classroom as something that needs to be big and really I just need help separating what "I think I should do" from "what I genuinely want from this classroom". My boyfriend and I have a second business idea that we are working on developing. We need help honing in on things and simplifying to reach our longterm goals.


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