NowLocal, Inc.

Class: 2015 Winter

Company Description

NowLocal is a new “mobile-as-a-service” business designed to drive stronger connections and increased business between local consumers and local businesses. NowLocal provides the easiest, most cost-affordable way for local businesses to connect to nearby consumers, and the easiest way for consumers to discover nearby businesses that have the products and services that they need.

11/23/2014 11:13 AM
To achieve success over the next year, NowLocal needs to: • Launch to its initial locality(ies) and create a proof point for the concept and business model • Raise seed/Series A capital • Add to the team, particularly in development • Fine tune our app experience for consumers and our back-end experience for businesses • Implement the rest of the core app and cloud infrastructure that will support high scalability • Develop the automated and manual processes needed to support scalability • Expand to cover 15-20 localities • Generate repeatable, consistent, predictable revenue across our localities


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