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Jerez Electronics

Class: 2016 Winter

Company Description

We are a student ran I.T and repair service center that hires inner city youths so that they can take interest in STEM fields. Unfortunately if a family makes fewer than 30,000 a year, lower incomes limits family’s opportunities to further them selves. According to the 2013 Census, 30% of Americans in the U.S do not have a computer connected to the Internet. We have found a way to help low income families by providing low cost computers along with an inexpensive way to connect them to the internet. We believe that we can help the digital divide among the disadvantaged all around the Merrimack valley with plans to spread to other areas as well. Find out how you can help!

01/10/2016 01:40 PM
Large companies that can recycle with us, and we will take care of the data destruction of their hard drives. -Thank you kindly


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