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Class: 2016 Summer

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I love great ideas. Lately, I’m turned on by ideas about how people can be happier, more fulfilled, and more connected. Unfortunately, lately it feels like civilization is going in the opposite direction, with violence and intolerance getting worse and worse. I think that stinks. There’s an old saying, if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. So I decided to be part of the solution. Which gets me back to great ideas. Human history is rich with great ideas, great thinkers, great teachers. These great ideas have helped fuel advances in human culture and civilization. Religions have been founded on the great ideas of great teachers. For years, I’ve been collecting great ideas that speak to me. I believe that these ideas can be part of the solution. So my mission is to spread great ideas about how people can be happier, more fulfilled, and more connected. I want to make it interactive and social-media-friendly, so it’s easy for everyone to join the community and join the conversation. I want to embrace everyone, regardless of religion or other beliefs. In return, I believe that people will embrace these ideas, will want to join the community and embark on the journey, and that some will want to buy products or donate so I can sustain the effort while making the world a better place.

05/17/2016 11:21 AM
This is my maiden voyage as an entrepreneur, and I’m heading into uncharted waters. I’d love to have mentors and advisors that have been there before, as well as input on resources and approaches to getting things done. I like the energy and passion of entrepreneurs, and want to contribute to that energy and feed off of it. Also, I’ve got a lot of business experience that I can bring to the table and share with others (I’ve reached that point in life where contribution is becoming more important to me). I also aspire to be one of the prize winners of the Summer Accelerator. My project has the potential to make a difference in millions of peoples’ lives, garner a lot of positive attention, and generate enough income to sustain and grow globally.


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