History UnErased, Inc.

Class: 2016 Winter

Company Description

History UnErased’s Mission: Unerase the stories and history of LGBTQ people throughout ethnicities, belief systems and nations in K-12 schools and community organizations by providing cutting edge educational resources and educator trainings that will positively impact youth - especially at-risk youth. *Positive impact is equated with mitigating staggering statistics, especially connected to LGBTQ youth of color, related to homelessness, suicidality, academic performance and truancy. GLSEN’s 2013 research reports that the inclusion of LGBTQ topics in K-12 schools creates a safer environment for all students and staff. This inclusion allows students to reach their social and academic potential in all areas of study and encourages full engagement in their communities. HUE's programs and services include workshop training sessions for educators, school staff and parents that introduce LGBTQ historical content and its relevancy to curricula, as well as addressing the social/emotional impact of this content - providing comfort and confidence when learning and teaching LGBTQ history. Workshops also introduce educators to HUE's materials including Queer Units of Educational Study (QUES) and materials from ONE Archive Foundation. QUES include videos, children's literature, games, lesson plans, online components, intersections to other histories and other content areas of study and connections to current events. Videos contain discussion questions and promote higher order thinking skills and moral reasoning.

01/27/2016 03:04 PM
History UnErased's (HUE) needs encompass the following: strategic planning for fiscal growth, expansion to a national and international audience and a better understanding of how to market our products and services. HUE needs to obtaining funding for general operating expenses to ensure stability and allow for flexibility in planning and increase capacity.


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