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GiveWave Studios

Class: 2015 Summer

Company Description

Givewave Studios is a design company specializing in custom props, costumes, Home Décor, fashion Accessories and Digital Media. At GiveWave Studios, being eco-conscious is an essential part of our core principles. We believe in maintaining a small carbon footprint by making sure that every material we work with is used for the creation of a new product. For example, leftover wood scraps from the creation of a furniture project would be recycled and used to create accessories such as custom tie clip facings and cell phone cases; furthermore any remnants of wood would be salvaged and, after being minimally processed, used as a caulking agent for future products. Thus ensuring that no material is ever wasted. This process of constant recycling is not only environmentally beneficial but also helps the company’s profitability by reducing overhead costs and keeping the price of our products more affordable.

05/27/2015 02:15 AM
financial planning • business plan • fund allocations • Reduce and focus in on diversity of products offered as of now to maximize profitability and minimize time spent in production mode • Marketing


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