Get Girls Going

Class: 2015 Summer

Company Description

Our mission is "We support, We overcome, We Impact." Get Girls Going works to maximize the success of teen girls by empowering them through mentorship, education and wellness. My idea is to create a program/ sisterhood/ support system for at risk girls in high school while providing female college students with responsibility and leadership roles. This program includes university involvement where female college students will be the mentors to these high school girls in the community. College students are close to age with high school students so the ability for the two to relate is beneficial which is why I feel it is effective to have a group of young people working together. This program will not just have mentor and mentee interaction but the entire group will be able to connect with one another through our Saturday programming sessions. Our Saturday sessions can either be workshops held at a college campus or sometimes be volunteer opportunities available in the community. In addition, the programming includes at least 2 hours of mandatory tutoring/homework sessions and at least an hour of bonding time between each mentor and mentee. The structure of the program is to have female college students from local universities be mentors to girls from local high schools. There will be one mentor to one mentee. For me, this initiative is about making young girls believe that their gender, race, financial status, bad living situations, or current academic standing should not prevent them from being as successful as anyone else. I want this organization to give these girls the tools they need, positive mental outlook, relationships, and opportunities that could possibly change their lives.

05/29/2015 04:41 PM


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