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Franklin Robotics

Class: 2016 Winter

Company Description

Franklin Robotics develops robots for agriculture. Our first product is a weeding robot for home gardens: addressing the dirty, repetitive, unpleasant task of maintaining a healthy, weed-free garden. It’s a solar powered, autonomous, self-sufficient robot that wanders through the garden, avoiding plants and obstacles, and uses a small weed whacker to keep weeds from taking over. Because it lives in the garden and takes care of the weeding daily, it frees up the gardener to focus on the plants they want to grow, when they want to.
There are more than 30 million home gardens in the US, with a median size of ~100 square feet. With minimal modifications, if any, to the garden--a border and sufficient space for the robot to navigate--our robot is able to operate in a majority of these. At a price point of ~$250-$300, we believe there is a compelling market opportunity for a product like this. Our roadmap includes additional capabilities for this robot (plant health monitoring and maintenance, for example), as well as additional platforms aimed at small-scale commercial farms. Drawing on experiences at iRobot creating the Roomba and at Harvest Automation developing robots for commercial agriculture, we are a team of experienced roboticists uniquely qualified to develop robots that do real work outdoors.


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