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Center For Bilingual Services founded in 2012, is a prepared environment to receive high-quality professional educational services in Workforce English and Spanish for adults of all levels while also assisting school aged students utilizing Hands-on Techniques and other tools to be successful. Whether you or your employer is looking to learn on a short or long term basis, our team of educators are trained and can provide the resources and solutions that help you advance your skills to the next level independently or in a small group setting. Our track record for consistency, cultural immersion, flexible schedule, excellent service, and subject matter expertise makes any difficult task possible to overcome. Our multifaceted program is here to assist by providing a wide range of educational services as well as community advocacy. We strive for following the individual from beginning to end by assessing, setting goals, embrace the culture and helping each person organize themselves in their everyday life.

11/23/2015 01:33 PM
Center For Bilingual Services is always seeking guidance from entrepreneurs, mentors and the community to assist us in how to combine and introduce all our services to companies or potential customers interested in not only embracing the language but the culture as well. We want to collaborating with local agencies, state, non-profit organizations or private providers around the Northeastern areas. Our main goal is to focus on teaching Workforce English and Spanish, while bridging the gap between cultures. We further look to receive assistance to pursue financial security, marketing strategies and community network or connection to potential customers.. We have been very successful in working with many small groups at our center, but we are definitely ready to spread our services to the community. Currently we are serving Enterprise Bank in Workforce Banking. It has been a great experience to the point where we will be participating on their International Cultural Fair in December 2015, We will be displaying South American culture with food, crafts and dance.


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