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Class: 2015 Summer

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College students stick to their group of friends most of the time, and most plans with this group are about doing a few usual (borderline mundane) things, going with the popular vote and giving up on what each person really wants to do. BudEase is here to change that! It’s a mobile app that helps students find buddies at their college to do the things they love. It lets them suggest, join, and plan their favorite activities—anything from a game of basketball to something as extreme as skydiving!

05/29/2015 06:04 PM
We are looking for advice and guidance on the business, as we navigate our growth from the pilot at Babson College to multiple colleges in the Boston area over the next few months. Although we are looking for this to encompass all aspects of the business, we would like the focus to be primarily on marketing to consumers, refining the business model, and raising funds.


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