Company Description

Bonne Idea Design, is a design, and licensing agent of commercial innovations. We have created a pipeline of inventions and innovations that we want to bring to market by way of licensing agreements or partnerships.Amongst all inventions, the Haircatcher Banz was the first prototype ready for testing in the consumer product market, and we decided to use it in the framework of E for All to define a road map model for future products. What is the Haircatcher banz… It is a simple silicone/rubber insert that is used to dislodge the accumulating hair from hairbrushesbrush after usage with a simple upward motion.

01/25/2016 12:08 PM
One of our invention the haircatcherbanz is at the final stages and ready for a proper commercialization and requires input in manufacturing, packaging design and marketing domains. The company itself would also strongly benefits from guidance about how to run an business and how to transformed what is right now a series of good ideas/inventions/innovations into a company that has focus and reachable goals. I would be greatful to be able to work with people that have been involved in start-up companies based on innovations. Attorney's guidance and help would also be appreciated.


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