Class: 2015 Summer

Company Description

BareHand is an independent production studio based in Lawrence, MA. We make games that relate to you and universal obstacles in life. Our company is inspired to create something different from your average violent 1st person shooter game. In our future video game franchise "Big Boi Little Boi", we will combine action and farming in an objective to feed starving people in a land of ruin facing a horrible food drought. Our goal is to entertain our customers at the same time influencing them in a positive way. We believe that our game will be a motivating ally to the battles you deal with in real life.

05/22/2015 11:29 PM
First and foremost, we need business mentorship. We believe the proper guidance from the right business mentors will increase our chances of success. We need help in marketing/advertisement, financial strategies, fundraising, and our overall business strategy. There are plenty of resources out there that we can take advantage of that we don't know about and we believe EforAll can help us reap the benefits of those resources. We know that our 1st game "Big Boi Little Boi" will be a franchise that will revolutionize the game industry and with your overall support, this powerful game will make an impact inside and outside of the industry.


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