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Class: 2016 Summer

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The fashion industry is often imbalanced with people who enjoy and thrive in the area of creating designs, but often lack the time, desire or more importantly the expertise to complete the requisite steps to turn the design into a wearable garment for people to purchase. Our company aims to remove the burden of the remaining tasks from the designer and employ our expertise to finish the process with our proven level of exceptional quality. We support designers by offering to help develop and manufacture their product from apparel to accessories. Our company offers a wide array of services, designers can choose from including pattern-making, development sewing, costing, tech packs, sourcing and production management/consulting. Lowell was once “the Hub” in the textile industry and synonymous with unquestionable quality. We believe Lowell is well positioned to recapture that legacy with its emerging cultural landscape infused with the creative minds the surrounding universities develop. We believe there are many synergies to be realized with Diana and New Vestures. Their vision for an innovative space in Lowell will serve as a meeting place for the local participants in the fashion industry to meet, network and learn. We will run our business out of New Vestures.

05/17/2016 01:16 AM
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