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Class: 2016 Summer

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artGlo Lighting has eye catching, everlasting and eco-friendly handcrafted wax lamps/luminaire; it is the new way to enjoy candlelight without the harmful fumes from burning candle. When on, they transform into gorgeous pieces with vivid glow creating the perfect ambiance. artGlo wax item is lit by LED battery light or electricity instead of burning like candles. It provides the same relaxing and romantic atmosphere preserving the piece to enjoy for years to come. artGlo main goal is to create a calm sanctuary, a place to escape from the world, relax and rejuvenate at ones own place in a safe environment.

05/22/2016 08:38 PM
- I have no knowledge of the business. I feel that I have gotten to a plateau and I am looking for ways to keep on moving. I have taken many workshops but now I need to find ways to put all the knowledge I acquired into practice to transform it all into a plan of action. I am also taking a course to write my business plan. The process has been gratifying. - I lack the expertise in the operation of market- I have taken many course on how to brand my business but I do not believe that my business is well branded. I need to develop ways to promote my new in the market wax lamps. I need to bring awareness of ArtGlo items to my consumers. When people look at it at first, they think it is soap or candle. I do not sell any of them. However, when I show to people what my artwork is and what it does, they get mesmerized, astonished by the beauty and simplicity of it. - ArtGlo management team is comprised of one person: me. It is hard to direct a business without the support of a partner or the light of a mentor. I have been getting help from business consultants for months. However, since we have met seldom, I find difficult to put into practice their idea and then get the feedback of the outcome in an effective way. The process is not as efficient as if I had a mentor working directly with me more often. - I have been working on my business for around a year and a half now. I am not registered yet. I am in the process of buying my domain, ArtGlo Lighting and creating my webpage. I also changed my company's name from Atena Luminaire to ArtGlo. I learned it was too long and not memorable. Because of that, I am getting a new logo, banner and a business card. I need someone to help me brand my business. Branding


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