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Aaron`s Presents

Class: 2015 Winter

Company Description

Aaron's Presents is a nonprofit organization whose stated mission is "Inspiring kids to give of themselves for the good of the world." To do this, we offer an innovative grants program designed specifically for young children (8th grade and below) to dream up and carry out positive projects for others, tapping into their interests, skills, talents, kindness, and innate desire to give. In the process, they learn valuable, practical life and leadership skills and start to view their lives, at every age and stage, in terms of what they can give to the world.

11/23/2014 11:07 PM
Overall Strategy: developing a financially sustainable scalable model both for the purpose of attracting larger funders and to continue developing our overall organizational and growth strategy; Fundraising: identifying and reaching out to foundations and larger donors; developing proposals, etc.; Staffing: developing a strategy for recruiting and retaining the right volunteers and employees, and putting Human Resources systems in place for future staffing; Financials: further developing and honing our financial model; Marketing: further developing our social media and direct marketing strategies; help with website SEO


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