19 Steps Bake Shop

Web: http://www.19stepsbakeshop.com
Class: 2015 Summer

Company Description

19 Steps Bake Shop, established in 2009, is a fully permitted Residential Kitchen located in Haverhill. I sell over 30 delicious unique individual baked desserts such as Cinnamon/Sugar Popovers, Naked Banana Bread & Magic Cookie Bars w/Twist just to name a few. I also have a line of over 10 different Gluten free Items such as Cinnamon/Sugar Popovers, Chocolate Chip Cookies & Oat Brittle.

05/29/2015 09:26 AM
I'm seeking mentors who can help me in the following areas: * Create a sold Business Plan * How to utilize Social Media & E-Commerce to grow my business * Marketing & Packaging better suggestions for my products * Redesign my business card & create a unique company logo * Overall assistance with taking my business to the next level to go Wholesale


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