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19 Steps Bake Shop

Team Member(s): Lauren Suszczewicz

Mentor(s): Trish Fleming,Lisa Dufresne,Renee Isler

19 Steps Bake Shop, established in 2009, is a fully permitted Residential Kitchen located in Haverhill. I sell over 30 delicious unique individual baked desserts such as Cinnamon/Sugar Popovers, Naked Banana Bread & Magic Cookie Bars w/Twist just to name a few. I also have a line of over 10 different Gluten free Items such as Cinnamon/Sugar Popovers, Chocolate Chip Cookies & Oat Brittle.

Class: 2015 Summer

21st Century Technologies to support ELL students

Team Member(s): Jeremy Scheiner

As a 2013 MVS education grant recipients, my co-teacher and I plan to use the funds to support ELL students using Ipads. While we are still in the beginning phases of implementation, we are excited for the coming future.


99 Degrees Custom (99C)

Team Member(s): Brenna Nan Schneider

Mentor(s): Scott McKenzie

A custom build-to-order apparel manufacturing company that supports the rise of "me-commerce." Built on lean manufacturing principles and innovative production practices, we aim to be the manufacturing solution for the future of retail. Our company serves as a bridge between the local workforce and high-paying advanced manufacturing careers. We train excellent manufacturers with transferable skills and lean manufacturing expertise. Our training and benefits models are designed with our team's economic mobility in mind. Our team works up and out within five years into jobs that pay family-supporting wages and fuel our innovation economy.

Class: 2013 Winter

9nights Art Entertainment Company

Team Member(s): Jasmin Pastrana

Mentor(s): Joyce Dostale,Kamal Jain,Nathan Rothstein

9nights Art Entertainment Company is committed to hosting events using unique, hip, presentations of art as the backdrop in creating unforgettable experiences for our customers. We are focused on highlighting local talent as well as using modern art forms like multimedia, mixed-media, and performing arts for our events. We aim to engage our audience and inform them of the extraordinary talent that exists within our city walls. In addition to serving the general public in local communities, 9nights Art Entertainment Co. also provides events for corporate clients and small businesses looking to create unique experiences for their customers and drive in new business.

Class: 2014 Summer

Aaron`s Presents

Team Member(s): Leah Okimoto

Mentor(s): Dona Flamme,Rosemary Infante Costello,Teg Rood

Aaron's Presents is a nonprofit organization whose stated mission is "Inspiring kids to give of themselves for the good of the world." To do this, we offer an innovative grants program designed specifically for young children (8th grade and below) to dream up and carry out positive projects for others, tapping into their interests, skills, talents, kindness, and innate desire to give. In the process, they learn valuable, practical life and leadership skills and start to view their lives, at every age and stage, in terms of what they can give to the world.

Class: 2015 Winter


Team Member(s): Art

ActivityFinder is a event search/sign-up tool and lead nurturing channel that integrates with users' personal calendars, the first plug-in being for google calendar. It serves two markets: consumers and the event solution vendors that power activity providers. It will reach consumers through conventional web marketing channels. I plan to pursue strategic partnerships with key event solution vendors. The initial revenue stream will be transaction commissions from partners. ActivityFinder's mission: - The planning task of searching and registering for scheduled events will be as natural and easy as possible. - A user’s personal calendar will be an essential lead nurturing and activation channel for event providers.

Class: 2016 Summer

Adey LLC

Team Member(s): Meqdes Mesfin

Mentor(s): Hugh Kelly,Pradeep Aradhya

Ethiopian food is enjoying unprecedented popularity. Yet, neither Ethiopian dishes nor their ingredients are easily found in supermarkets. Currently the only sources of ready to eat Ethiopian fare in the Boston area are the few restaurants. Adey will prepare authentic, table-ready Ethiopian foods, prepared seasonings and ingredients fundamental to Ethiopian cooking and make them available in stores. The first phase, obtaining and using a wholesale license for breads and baked goods has been completed. We are working on the packaging and labeling of these baked goods for introduction to the mainstream market

Class: 2015 Winter


Team Member(s): Michael Luby

Mentor(s): Dan Murphy,Kevin Oye,Rosemary Infante Costello

AeroShip.it uses automated aerial drones to deliver supplies. We focus on disaster areas without road access where relief organizations must move supplies to stranded populations quickly and cheaply.

Class: 2014 Winter


Team Member(s): Floyd Greenwood

Mentor(s): Anne Estabrook,steveking,Lou Guercia

Alphamatician brings brand new data sources and tools to investors in stocks and real estate. Today, more than ever, investors need a competitive edge. Alphamatician has developed and refined unique and powerful analytical tools that deliver that advantage by providing one-of-a-kind datasets derived from up-to-the-minute social media resources. Our data includes social, ecommerce, real estate, and sentiment data. We offer interactive web tools, datasets, customized analysis and collection, and portfolio analysis.

Class: 2013 Winter

Anos fitness Llc

Team Member(s): wander morel

Mentor(s): Eduardo Crespo,Rafael Fonseca

My business’s mission is to empower individuals, both young and old, to make better and healthier life choices. By providing dynamic fitness classes and creating a supportive community among members, I want to help to improve members’ physical fitness and mental health as well as increase the overall health, well-being and connectedness of the Greater Lawrence community.

Class: 2015 Winter

artGlo Lighting

Team Member(s): Eggy Alper

artGlo Lighting has eye catching, everlasting and eco-friendly handcrafted wax lamps/luminaire; it is the new way to enjoy candlelight without the harmful fumes from burning candle. When on, they transform into gorgeous pieces with vivid glow creating the perfect ambiance. artGlo wax item is lit by LED battery light or electricity instead of burning like candles. It provides the same relaxing and romantic atmosphere preserving the piece to enjoy for years to come. artGlo main goal is to create a calm sanctuary, a place to escape from the world, relax and rejuvenate at ones own place in a safe environment.

Class: 2016 Summer

Asinine Games

Team Member(s): Brian Dutton

Mentor(s): Pat Riemitis,Ken Savage

Asinine Games creates games for mobile devices including Sliders, Barn Blitz, Flapping Bard and the soon to be released endless runner Carlos Danger. Drome, a unique palindromic puzzle game for iOS, is currently in production with an anticipated release in late Summer/early Fall.

Class: 2014 Summer

Assemble Lab

Team Member(s): Sharon Drelick

The fashion industry is often imbalanced with people who enjoy and thrive in the area of creating designs, but often lack the time, desire or more importantly the expertise to complete the requisite steps to turn the design into a wearable garment for people to purchase. Our company aims to remove the burden of the remaining tasks from the designer and employ our expertise to finish the process with our proven level of exceptional quality. We support designers by offering to help develop and manufacture their product from apparel to accessories. Our company offers a wide array of services, designers can choose from including pattern-making, development sewing, costing, tech packs, sourcing and production management/consulting. Lowell was once “the Hub” in the textile industry and synonymous with unquestionable quality. We believe Lowell is well positioned to recapture that legacy with its emerging cultural landscape infused with the creative minds the surrounding universities develop. We believe there are many synergies to be realized with Diana and New Vestures. Their vision for an innovative space in Lowell will serve as a meeting place for the local participants in the fashion industry to meet, network and learn. We will run our business out of New Vestures.

Class: 2016 Summer

Balefire Labs, LLC

Team Member(s): Karen L. Mahon, Ed.D.,Lauren Mahon,Melisa A. Reed, Ed.D.,Paul Olean

Mentor(s): Barrie Atkin,Henry Noel Jr,Trish Fleming

Are you a parent or educator who has been frustrated by the process of finding high quality, effective, educational apps for your children or students to use on the iPad or tablet device? We are. The app stores have user reviews, but they are so subjective and not very helpful. But what if there was a service that provided app reviews that were standardized, with objective review criteria....where you could easily compare and contrast apps by subject or grade level? A site that is run by learning scientists, educational researchers and teachers who know about principles of great instructional design and usability design? And what if you could go there and in less than five minutes find the best available apps for teaching your kids? That's the vision of Balefire Labs. We want to help parents, educators and, ultimately, kids to find and use the best educational apps on the market. With more than 115,000 ed apps in the iTunes and Google Play stores, figuring out what's good and what's not is nearly impossible. And as the number of iPads, Android tablets, Kindle devices and iPod Touches that kids use increases, the time's not far off when just about every parent and teacher will have the same problem. Let us help. We'll point you to the best apps, saving you time and helping you feel good about the time your kids spend using devices.

Class: 2013 Winter


Team Member(s): Edwin Jack,Nic Biondi,Kris Carter

Mentor(s): Hugh Kelly,Angelo Firenze,Anne Marie Messier

BareHand is an independent production studio based in Lawrence, MA. We make games that relate to you and universal obstacles in life. Our company is inspired to create something different from your average violent 1st person shooter game. In our future video game franchise "Big Boi Little Boi", we will combine action and farming in an objective to feed starving people in a land of ruin facing a horrible food drought. Our goal is to entertain our customers at the same time influencing them in a positive way. We believe that our game will be a motivating ally to the battles you deal with in real life.

Class: 2015 Summer


Team Member(s): Hannah Freilich

Mentor(s): Tom O'Donnell,Kevin Oye,Pat Riemitis

BeActiveTogether is a mobile app that helps people find others to workout and play sports with, based on activity preference, location, and schedule. Our mission is to make it easier and more enjoyable for people to live active and healthy lifestyles!

Class: 2014 Summer

Bhlue LLC

Team Member(s): Michele Verley

Mentor(s): Philip Cohen,Frank Faticanti

Bhlue.com is a career planning solution and networking community for teens and young adults, particularly those who are struggling to find a career direction or have an idea but are unsure about how to make it happen. Bhlue.com takes a step-by-step approach to educate and empower young people to make decisions about their career and future that are relevant to who they are and what they love to do. A future that is unique to their version of success, whatever that may be. Bhlue.com's long-term goal is to be a valued networking community between young people and the schools, businesses and organizations that are looking to recruit interested, skilled and talented young people for their education/training, internship, job and other opportunities. I've recently written a book "IDEA to CAREER: 5 Steps to a Career You'll Love" which is a simple and effective career planning system for teens and young adults. The book was written and designed to be visual, fun and offers challenges and activities that takes away the fear of career planning that many young people are paralyzed by.

Class: 2014 Summer

Bilingual Accounting Services

Team Member(s): Dara

Bilingual Accounting Services is established to address all financial issues by providing advice and assistance in bookkeeping, monthly and annual closing and tax filing.

Class: 2016 Summer


Team Member(s): Angie Jimenez

Mentor(s): Jeff Maclaren,Teg Rood,Juan Carlos Cerrutti

Explosition of flavor into your mouth! Sweet and savory appettizers for every occasion.

Class: 2015 Summer


Team Member(s): robert pinard

Mentor(s): Chris Sullivan,Hayden Anderson,Pat Riemitis

Bonne Idea Design, is a design, and licensing agent of commercial innovations. We have created a pipeline of inventions and innovations that we want to bring to market by way of licensing agreements or partnerships.Amongst all inventions, the Haircatcher Banz was the first prototype ready for testing in the consumer product market, and we decided to use it in the framework of E for All to define a road map model for future products. What is the Haircatcher banz… It is a simple silicone/rubber insert that is used to dislodge the accumulating hair from hairbrushesbrush after usage with a simple upward motion.

Class: 2016 Winter

Bright Halo Technologies, LLC

Team Member(s): Vladimir Charlemagne

We are turning wireless devices into lifelines for vulnerable people. Our software links users to a central monitoring location before, during and after disasters. Elderly and Persons with Disabilities will be empowered with universally accessible tools.



Team Member(s): Ashwin Mysore

Mentor(s): Pradeep Aradhya,Philip Cohen,Todd Smith

College students stick to their group of friends most of the time, and most plans with this group are about doing a few usual (borderline mundane) things, going with the popular vote and giving up on what each person really wants to do. BudEase is here to change that! It’s a mobile app that helps students find buddies at their college to do the things they love. It lets them suggest, join, and plan their favorite activities—anything from a game of basketball to something as extreme as skydiving!

Class: 2015 Summer

Cambodian Culture After-School Program

Team Member(s): Tararith Kho

Cambodian Culture After School Program will provide kids in the community with many things, including homework help, Cambodian language skills, and Cambodian cultural training; including dancing, music, kick boxing, Cambodian cooking, and games. It will help bridge the gap between first and second generation Cambodian Americans.

Class: 2016 Summer

Catie's Closet

Team Member(s): Mickey Cockrell

Mentor(s): Barrie Atkin,Anne Marie Messier,Henry Noel Jr

Catie's Closet is a non-profit organization that provides clothing and basic necessities to students who are homeless or severely financially challenged. There are 308,000 students living in poverty enrolled in Massachusetts public schools who need assistance in relieving the burdens of poverty so that they can focus on their education. Nationwide we have over 20,000,000 children in need. Catie's Closet provides an immediate solution to their needs by locating a "closet" in each school where students have an on-site place to get what they need. New and gently used clothing is collected and delivered to schools through our central distribution center. Focused on the Merrimack Valley, Catie's Closet is currently servicing 12 schools in Lowell MA and 3 in Hudson NH.

Class: 2014 Winter



Mentor(s): Eduardo Crespo,Meredith Boumil-Flynn

Center For Bilingual Services founded in 2012, is a prepared environment to receive high-quality professional educational services in Workforce English and Spanish for adults of all levels while also assisting school aged students utilizing Hands-on Techniques and other tools to be successful. Whether you or your employer is looking to learn on a short or long term basis, our team of educators are trained and can provide the resources and solutions that help you advance your skills to the next level independently or in a small group setting. Our track record for consistency, cultural immersion, flexible schedule, excellent service, and subject matter expertise makes any difficult task possible to overcome. Our multifaceted program is here to assist by providing a wide range of educational services as well as community advocacy. We strive for following the individual from beginning to end by assessing, setting goals, embrace the culture and helping each person organize themselves in their everyday life.

Class: 2015 Winter


Team Member(s): Bennett Collen,cmurdock@cognate.com

Mentor(s): Kevin Oye,Jeff Maclaren,Scott McKenzie

Cognate is the home of the CM Registry, a trademark registry for the 98% of U.S. product and business names not registered with the USPTO (the federal trademark registration system). The CM Registry is the only common law trademark registry in the United States. To claim their trademark rights in a centralized, public database, companies enter information about: 1) their business or product name, and 2) how they use it. This puts potential infringers - intentional or unintentional - on notice, helps create a timeline of use, and helps the mark be found in trademark searches. "CM" is a certification mark that Cognate owns that signifies a mark has been registered in our database. Our customers will be: 1) Startups and other small companies sophisticated enough to have created trademark rights, but lacking the financial resources or time to seek federal registration. They will use Cognate as an affordable alternative to the USPTO for claiming their trademark rights, or as a stop-gap until they seek federal registration. 2) Trademark professionals - will use Cognate to document ALL of their clients' trademarks - not just the ones they register with the USPTO. 3) Big companies that have hundreds of names they create and use, mainly for products, but never federally register for various reasons (cost, short product lifecycle, etc.) - will use our registry to document their trademark rights in these names. Under U.S. law, common law trademark rights are earned through use, not by registering with the USPTO, and are legally defensible.

Class: 2016 Winter

CollegePower Inc

Team Member(s): Lucky Henry,Patrick Maguet

Mentor(s): John Howard

CollegePower is an advertising and promotion agency that represents local businesses which surround college campuses and are actively seeking to attract more students. We do so through a range of products and service that offer the students incentives to include our clients in their decision making process.

Class: 2013 Summer

Color Wheel Studio

Team Member(s): Lisa Garbutt

Start-up fiber arts company providing hand-dyed fiber and beautiful hand-made tools for fiber artists. Located in Lowell, MA.


Commercial Climate Controlled Sustainable Agriculture

Team Member(s): Deb DiBiasie ND

Waterville Farms is designed to be a World Class, commercial, sustainable, climate controlled, vertical hydroponic and Aquaponics, agriculture and farming enterprise, powered by green energy sources. Features are: R&D ,ED centers for higher learning, entrepreneurship, collaboration with experts, open communication, leadership development, recognition, and mentorship with strong social web and local community engagement.


Confidence Covers, LLC

Team Member(s): Lisa Lest

Since Confidence Covers are a unique patent pending product people don't know they exist therefore people are not "looking" for them on the internet. We need capital to help fund a widespread awareness campaign which includes: PR, advertising, SEO, identifying key words for Google Adwords, social media, etc. I am attempting many of these thing now but the company needs a more aggressive push. Mother's Day in May is a busy time for medical alert devices and I would like Confidence Covers to be known so that perhaps more seniors will adopt the medical alert device; since there is often "resistance". A Confidence Cover could perhaps help relieve some of the tension.


Curtain Plus Rod in A Bag

Team Member(s): Elise

The ability to hang your curtains on the wall with out nails.


Delightful Surprise Sweets

Team Member(s): Christina Hamilton

Mentor(s): William Bowhers

We are focused on providing high-quality delightful sweets and customer satisfaction - We will do everything we can to meet your expectations. With a variety of offerings to choose from, We're sure you'll find a surprise sweet that will satisfy your cravings. The second part our business is we are going to hire disabled people to make our fudge and give the an oppatunity to be out in the community working

Class: 2014 Winter

Edible Land Design

Team Member(s): Michael S. Bertrand

Mentor(s): Steve LaTerza,Annette Reynolds,Donna Mullin

Edible Land Design is a landscaping company that specializes in designing, building, and maintaining edible gardens.

Class: 2014 Summer

Ellie's CPR & First Aid Training, LLC

Team Member(s): Elizabeth Nolberto ,Queyron Nolberto

Mentor(s): George Peters

Ellie's CPR & First Aid Training is a small business in the area of Merrimack Valley that offers Training in CPR, AED and First Aid. We are part of American Heart Association. We teach the general public the skills that is needed in case of an emergency. People will obtain a two years certification.

Class: 2013 Winter

Energy Harvesters LLC

Team Member(s): Sherry Handel

Energy Harvesters LLC is commercializing a personal electronics mobile power source called the Walking Charger™. The Walking Charger allows users to charge the batteries in their mobile electronics devices anytime, anywhere – just by walking. You can charge your Smartphone battery by walking for just a single hour wearing the Walking Charger device. Nowadays, people depend on their portable electronic devices for information, entertainment, guidance and sometimes for survival. In those circumstances, running out of battery power is not an acceptable option. That is why Energy Harvesters created the Walking Charger -- to give people the ability to Charge Mobile Electronics Batteries Anytime, Anywhere™.



Team Member(s): Curtis Colly

Mentor(s): Jeffrey Hamel,Roland Nutter

Eventfish Inc. is simplifying the process when it comes to planning any event. We aim to make the planning process convenient and easy by providing you with all the tools you need to plan the perfect event. From backyard birthday parties to the perfect professional gathering and everything in between, we take the hassle out of the details. Planning an event has never been easier. From ideas to cleanup, we allow our users to create, book, and buy all of the necessities for their events with a click of a button.

Class: 2014 Summer

Faux Pas

Team Member(s): Valerie Leikina,Lola Objois

Mentor(s): Pradeep Aradhya,Kay McGowan,Arthur Anton Jr

Faux Pas is a hybrid "Indie Fashion" marketplace and netflix for fashionistas. Instead of getting DVD's in the mail, our customer gets trendy, one-of-a-kind fashion pieces that she can wear, enjoy, return, and then exchange for the next item on her que. Faux Pas offers shopaholics everywhere the ability to shop continuously, have endless variety in their wardrobe, relieve the environment, yet still keep more money in her pocket. Unlimited outfits, unlimited exchanges: one flat monthly rate.

Class: 2014 Winter

FEMG Productions

Team Member(s): Jeremy Shannon

Mentor(s): Scott Lewis,Donna Mullin,Tom O'Donnell

FEMG is a multimedia marketing consultancy. Our goal is to provide your company with multimedia production in promotional snippet form that integrates "call to action" marketing campaigns. The combination of innovative content design and creation via low-cost promotional channels to create unique, storytelling campaigns through social media.

Class: 2014 Winter

FOB Lifestyle & Apparel

Team Member(s): Sopheak Sam,Ricky Orng

Mentor(s): Joyce Dostale

FOB ("fresh off the boat") is often used as a term to mock migrants -- but to us, FOB is about adapting to change while holding on to your roots. FOB is an urban-alternative street apparel brand inspired by immigration and of being an outsider. Co-founded by starving artists hungry for social change, FOB sells apparel and in doing so, provokes cultural perceptions within communities of diasporas. Drawn from our own Southeast Asian roots where war and genocide has left a cultural black hole, FOB aims to ignite a sense of pride, promise, and empowerment one t-shirt at a time.

Class: 2013 Winter

Franklin Robotics

Team Member(s): Rory MacKean

Mentor(s): Trish Fleming,Daryl Long,PJ Anand

Franklin Robotics develops robots for agriculture. Our first product is a weeding robot for home gardens: addressing the dirty, repetitive, unpleasant task of maintaining a healthy, weed-free garden. It’s a solar powered, autonomous, self-sufficient robot that wanders through the garden, avoiding plants and obstacles, and uses a small weed whacker to keep weeds from taking over. Because it lives in the garden and takes care of the weeding daily, it frees up the gardener to focus on the plants they want to grow, when they want to.
There are more than 30 million home gardens in the US, with a median size of ~100 square feet. With minimal modifications, if any, to the garden--a border and sufficient space for the robot to navigate--our robot is able to operate in a majority of these. At a price point of ~$250-$300, we believe there is a compelling market opportunity for a product like this. Our roadmap includes additional capabilities for this robot (plant health monitoring and maintenance, for example), as well as additional platforms aimed at small-scale commercial farms. Drawing on experiences at iRobot creating the Roomba and at Harvest Automation developing robots for commercial agriculture, we are a team of experienced roboticists uniquely qualified to develop robots that do real work outdoors.

Class: 2016 Winter

Fun Face Express

Team Member(s): Michael Trombly

Mentor(s): Ed Manning,Chris Sullivan,Scott Lewis

Fun Face Express is a mobile business that provides memorable experiences with high quality face painting and complementary event services. Our mission is to bring happiness to children and to provide a workplace for young artists looking to use their talents for employment and social good. Fun Face Express was formed in 2013 and has grown rapidly through established partnerships with the largest Carnival Midway in New England and multiple youth development organizations such as the YMCA.

Class: 2015 Summer

Gem Decorations

Team Member(s): "Starr" and Gui Machado

Mentor(s): Keelyn Sebeny,Jeff Maclaren,Scott Lewis

GEM Decorations is an event planning and decorating business. GEM offers an opportunity for families and businesses in the Essex, Middlesex and Worcester Counties to honor their loved ones or community by planning a worry-free special event. An event where everything can be provided. GEM offers many rental items such as linens for tables and chairs, balloon and floral arches, wedding ceremony/reception decorations and accessories. GEM also partners with local vendors to bring additional services that ie; food, dj, cake all of which helps to complete the need of all events. GEM's goal is to make any event special, unique and worry-free. Families and business can be at ease knowing that their guests will enjoy a magical design and event planned for their special day. GEM decorations is not just decoration….it’s a GEM!

Class: 2015 Summer

Get Girls Going

Team Member(s): Nana Younge

Mentor(s): Pat Riemitis,Annmarie Galli,Richard Juknavorian

Our mission is "We support, We overcome, We Impact." Get Girls Going works to maximize the success of teen girls by empowering them through mentorship, education and wellness. My idea is to create a program/ sisterhood/ support system for at risk girls in high school while providing female college students with responsibility and leadership roles. This program includes university involvement where female college students will be the mentors to these high school girls in the community. College students are close to age with high school students so the ability for the two to relate is beneficial which is why I feel it is effective to have a group of young people working together. This program will not just have mentor and mentee interaction but the entire group will be able to connect with one another through our Saturday programming sessions. Our Saturday sessions can either be workshops held at a college campus or sometimes be volunteer opportunities available in the community. In addition, the programming includes at least 2 hours of mandatory tutoring/homework sessions and at least an hour of bonding time between each mentor and mentee. The structure of the program is to have female college students from local universities be mentors to girls from local high schools. There will be one mentor to one mentee. For me, this initiative is about making young girls believe that their gender, race, financial status, bad living situations, or current academic standing should not prevent them from being as successful as anyone else. I want this organization to give these girls the tools they need, positive mental outlook, relationships, and opportunities that could possibly change their lives.

Class: 2015 Summer

Gifted People Agency

Team Member(s): Frandiego Veloz,Marlene Marmolejos

Mentor(s): Lou Guercia,Philip Cohen

Gifted People Agency is a creative content company operating a network of digital channels, a record label & an in-house creative services team. It started in 2013 and since then it's worked with international brands such as Intel Computer Clubhouse, Universal Music & Boston's Jamn 94.5. It's content has reached millions of consumers.

Class: 2015 Winter

GiveWave Studios

Team Member(s): Castro-Yves Arboite

Mentor(s): Kevin Oye,Rob Roberts,Lisa Dufresne

Givewave Studios is a design company specializing in custom props, costumes, Home Décor, fashion Accessories and Digital Media. At GiveWave Studios, being eco-conscious is an essential part of our core principles. We believe in maintaining a small carbon footprint by making sure that every material we work with is used for the creation of a new product. For example, leftover wood scraps from the creation of a furniture project would be recycled and used to create accessories such as custom tie clip facings and cell phone cases; furthermore any remnants of wood would be salvaged and, after being minimally processed, used as a caulking agent for future products. Thus ensuring that no material is ever wasted. This process of constant recycling is not only environmentally beneficial but also helps the company’s profitability by reducing overhead costs and keeping the price of our products more affordable.

Class: 2015 Summer

Green Bikes of Lowell

Team Member(s): Samir ElKamouny

Mentor(s): Pat Riemitis,joe lane,Kamal Jain

A bicycle share program in Lowell, green and fun transportation. Along with a supporting web application to make bike sharing fun, unique, and affordable. The goal is to have bicycles around Lowell in Spring of 2013!!

Class: 2013 Winter

Help Around Town

Team Member(s): Reem Yared

Mentor(s): Andrew Stickney,John Hogan,Ken Savage

HelpAroundTown promotes flexible jobs, small businesses and local non-profits by connecting neighbors in an online community marketplace. Our community-based, user-centered website enables people, businesses and non-profits to find help, offer help and promote local events, offerings, specials and fundraisers within a mile (or more) of their location. HelpAroundTown started in Lexington, MA and has grown by word of mouth to registered users in 108 MA towns and 10% of Lexington households. More than 1,700 flexible local jobs have been posted on HelpAroundTown. Our mission is to energize local economies and generate entry-level jobs for youth and flexible jobs for adults who need an income, but can’t commit to a 40 hour week. We do so by promoting local jobs, small and micro businesses, non-profits, and people with partial availability - and connect them in their community.

Class: 2014 Winter

History UnErased, Inc.

Team Member(s): Debra Fowler ,Miriam Morgenstern

Mentor(s): Gary Chamberlain,Kevin Oye,Richard Juknavorian

History UnErased’s Mission: Unerase the stories and history of LGBTQ people throughout ethnicities, belief systems and nations in K-12 schools and community organizations by providing cutting edge educational resources and educator trainings that will positively impact youth - especially at-risk youth. *Positive impact is equated with mitigating staggering statistics, especially connected to LGBTQ youth of color, related to homelessness, suicidality, academic performance and truancy. GLSEN’s 2013 research reports that the inclusion of LGBTQ topics in K-12 schools creates a safer environment for all students and staff. This inclusion allows students to reach their social and academic potential in all areas of study and encourages full engagement in their communities. HUE's programs and services include workshop training sessions for educators, school staff and parents that introduce LGBTQ historical content and its relevancy to curricula, as well as addressing the social/emotional impact of this content - providing comfort and confidence when learning and teaching LGBTQ history. Workshops also introduce educators to HUE's materials including Queer Units of Educational Study (QUES) and materials from ONE Archive Foundation. QUES include videos, children's literature, games, lesson plans, online components, intersections to other histories and other content areas of study and connections to current events. Videos contain discussion questions and promote higher order thinking skills and moral reasoning.

Class: 2016 Winter

HPT Engineering

Team Member(s): Derek Dempsey,Anthony Capone,Justin Patel

Mentor(s): Bob Katz,George Peters

HPT Engineering specializes in developing innovative technologies for the assistive technology field. We make it our mission to increase mobility and rehabilitate those who suffer from weak core and leg strength. The assistive technology business is growing at an unconditional rate and we have developed and implemented a state-of-the art new technology, The Hybrid Power Tricycle (HPT). The HPT was designed for those who suffer from weak core and leg strength such as Cerebral Palsy and offers the user the ability to feel the freedom of mobility and the joy of riding a bicycle. The HPT may be outfitted for all age groups and can be distributed nationwide. HPT Engineering operates as a small business that relies on personal sales as our income. We aspire to outfit hospitals, rehabilitation centers, daycare centers, and households with the HPT to ensure those with poor core and leg strength may receive the best possible product for treatment and rehabilitation. The assistive technology market is constantly changing and HPT Engineering will ensure that each of our products are ahead of the curve.

Class: 2013 Summer

i4class LLC

Team Member(s): Ronald Ayotte

Mentor(s): Pat Riemitis,Raj Melville

I4class is a web based learning system that makes teachers and students more effective and engaged both in and out of the classroom.

Class: 2013 Summer

Imagine Farm

Team Member(s): Meryl ,Neadson

Mentor(s): Frank Faticanti,Joyce Dostale,Kamal Jain

IMAGINE.... Great tasting, freshly picked local lettuce, leafy greens, and microgreens with maximum nutritional value available YEAR ROUND in the northeast.

Unlike traditional seasonal field farming, Imagine Farm will be offering a unique opportunity for local restaurants, stores, caterers, institutions, schools, and consumers to purchase fresh, nutritionally rich, flavorful, and diverse produce (Lettuce, Leafy Greens, Microgreens) all year long. Our urban agriculture indoor hydroponic production will not be subject to weather conditions or drought, and our non-GMO products are environmentally friendly and ecologically safe, grown from organic seed without the use of soil or pesticides.

Growing lettuce, leafy greens, and microgreens in a controlled environment like Imagine Farm provides a significant benefit because the practices are sustainable, prices can remain stable year round, and the product quality is highly predictable and consistent. Other significant advantages are the capacity to grow more produce in a smaller footprint, while using about 1/10th as much water as traditional field farming. And, as a byproduct of these water saving growing methods, long-term sustainability could be a crucial underlying benefit for all of us.

Class: 2015 Winter


Team Member(s): Maeve Jopson

We develop playthings for inclusive learning, to encourage independence and exploration among kids of all abilities.


Interactive Treasures

Team Member(s): Charlie Russell

I love great ideas. Lately, I’m turned on by ideas about how people can be happier, more fulfilled, and more connected. Unfortunately, lately it feels like civilization is going in the opposite direction, with violence and intolerance getting worse and worse. I think that stinks. There’s an old saying, if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. So I decided to be part of the solution. Which gets me back to great ideas. Human history is rich with great ideas, great thinkers, great teachers. These great ideas have helped fuel advances in human culture and civilization. Religions have been founded on the great ideas of great teachers. For years, I’ve been collecting great ideas that speak to me. I believe that these ideas can be part of the solution. So my mission is to spread great ideas about how people can be happier, more fulfilled, and more connected. I want to make it interactive and social-media-friendly, so it’s easy for everyone to join the community and join the conversation. I want to embrace everyone, regardless of religion or other beliefs. In return, I believe that people will embrace these ideas, will want to join the community and embark on the journey, and that some will want to buy products or donate so I can sustain the effort while making the world a better place.

Class: 2016 Summer

Jarfette Convertible Clothing

Team Member(s): Carol Ann Morse

Mentor(s): Steve LaTerza,TOM CIULLA

I'm Carol Ann Morse, the designer of the Jarfette jacket scarf which provides a fashionable alternative to buying a new outfit for every occasion as it converts into 9 styles. With compassion as the core value of Jarfette, the company vision is to help all women feel beautiful, loved, confident and hopeful. Jarfette empowers women through messaging, jobs and economic growth, and distribution of Jarfette to women with medical needs.

Class: 2015 Summer

Jerez Electronics

Team Member(s): Josue Jerez

Mentor(s): Hugh Kelly,Angelo Firenze,Randy Corke

We are a student ran I.T and repair service center that hires inner city youths so that they can take interest in STEM fields. Unfortunately if a family makes fewer than 30,000 a year, lower incomes limits family’s opportunities to further them selves. According to the 2013 Census, 30% of Americans in the U.S do not have a computer connected to the Internet. We have found a way to help low income families by providing low cost computers along with an inexpensive way to connect them to the internet. We believe that we can help the digital divide among the disadvantaged all around the Merrimack valley with plans to spread to other areas as well. Find out how you can help!

Class: 2016 Winter


Team Member(s): Amaka Okoronkwo,Hyungji Park,Nhat Nguyen

Mentor(s): Joyce Dostale

A mentor and funding platform for women entrepreneurs.

Class: 2013 Summer

Juvenile Court Restorative Justice Diversion (JCRJD)

Team Member(s): Erin Freeborn

Mentor(s): Anne Marie Messier,John Conley

We divert cases from the juvenile court & engage the responsible party, impacted party & the community to collectively determine needs, responsibilities, accountability & a resolution after an offense.

Class: 2013 Summer

KEO Homemade Ice Cream

Team Member(s): Keo Rattana

Mentor(s): Tom O'Donnell,George Rose,joseph jolly,Pradeep Aradhya

Homemade premium vegan ice cream: - non-dairy, gluten and lactose-free, rich and creamy, using high quality ingredients. The ice cream is perfect for anyone with allergies to dairy, wheat, soy, have celiac disease or who are vegan and traditional ice cream eaters as well because it taste great. The company mission is to provide a wholesome and delicious treat that nourishes the mind, body and spirit, while respecting the environment and all living things.

Class: 2013 Winter

Kinanny, Inc

Team Member(s): Donielle Buie

Mentor(s): Geeta Aggarwal,George Rose,Roland Nutter

Kinanny provides parents with safe, reliable, door-to-door transportation for their children to and from school (public or private), after school activities, such as sports, music, tutoring, art, etc. By freeing up parents from the job of driving kids around, Kinanny helps parents re-claim precious time without sacrificing their own careers or well-being. Children can be picked up from a location (home, school, etc) and dropped off at a different location or multiple locations if they have back-to-back activities. Kinanny drop off locations can also include home or work (convenient for parents). The service will be on-time, consistent and safe.

Class: 2015 Winter

Lady Dye Fiber Arts & Design

Team Member(s): Diane Ivey

Mentor(s): Trish Fleming

Lady Dye Fiber Arts & Design, LLC, an eco-friendly street-art inspired yarn business. My yarn has a strong message to a growing population of people living in metropolitan areas that knit, crochet, create graffiti art and are graffiti knitters. As a brand, Lady Dye is continuing to establish a presence in the street art culture in Boston.

Class: 2013 Summer

Lawrence Mural Arts Program

Team Member(s): Eric Allshouse

The Lawrence Mural Arts Program is a non-profit community based mural painting program with a goal of transforming public spaces with student and community designed mural artwork that is historical, narrative, and inspirational. The program employs a small group of student workers based on income level, and also employs some at-risk youth. These students and volunteering community members brainstorm, research, design, and paint all of the artwork either directly on the walls or at a studio then the work is hung at a later time.


Lawrence Yoga Collective

Team Member(s): Bill Peregoy

Mentor(s): Gary Sidell,John Conley

Lawrence Yoga Collective is a yoga and fitness studio designed to meet the needs of all area residents. We plan to offer high quality instruction with well-trained and experienced teachers on a donation basis.

Class: 2013 Winter

Little Leaders

Team Member(s): Leslie Rivera

Mentor(s): Patti Fielding

Little Leaders is a family child care that supports healthy growth and development for children in the Lawrence community and serves as a training and empowering space for young parents to become self-employed educators.

Class: 2013 Summer


Team Member(s): Nowfal Ebrahim

Mentor(s): Teg Rood,Paul Franzosa

Have you ever wondered, what if you had eyes in your back. Use at times when you are walking on a lonely street and wanted to know if someone is following you at close range. LookBug, a wearable device, watching your back. On your phone using the LookBug app and device. –

Class: 2014 Summer


Team Member(s): Leanne Tremblay

Mentor(s): Annie Smidt,Trish Fleming,Kay McGowan

Loomination designs and creates distinctive handwoven wearables and home decor. Our product line includes infinity scarves, classic scarves, menswear scarves, area rugs, table runners, and throw pillows. All Loomination pieces are woven and finished by hand in Lowell, MA.

Class: 2014 Summer

Lowell Naturalization and Citizenship Services

Team Member(s): Marcia Strauss

Mentor(s): Kamal Jain,Fred Faust

We offer assistance with filling the N-400 Naturalization Form AND a 10 set Civics Class to prepare you for the Interview/Naturalization Test. Legal Permanent Residents who have their green cards for 5 years or are married to U.S. Citizens for 3 years, are eligible to become American Citizens.

Class: 2013 Summer

Luciana Calvin Photography

Team Member(s): Luciana Calvin

Luciana Calvin Photography is a small photographic studio located in Lowell, Massachusetts. Right now I am taking any assignment that is knocking on my door but I want to narrow the focus of the business on family portraiture. I want offer design consultations where I will, with the client, plan and design wall concepts previous to their photographic session enabling me to create images that will complement their every room’s décor. Basically, I will shoot for specific rooms in the house. I will accomplish that walking clients through clothing, props and location selection. I also want to offer framing installation on wall. Through software, clients will be able to virtually see how the framing suggestion will look on their wall before the session starts or any purchase is made.

Class: 2016 Summer

Lynx Investigations

Team Member(s): Nicole Allard

Mentor(s): Annette Reynolds,Ken Savage,Zachary Desmond

I am currently in the process of launching a legal investigations support Service Company for attorneys, private investigators, corporations, and civilians, to research and retrieve documents and information needed from Government offices, Court Houses, and databases in the fastest and most accurate way saving you time and money.

Class: 2016 Winter

Marketing Communications Consultancy

Team Member(s): Lois Wisman

wobo mar com creates and executes original and targeted marketing communications plans for business to business companies. Past experience includes medical product and technology company clients.



Team Member(s): Florence Furaha

Mentor(s): George Peters,Marty Kane,Richard Juknavorian

Meetcaregivers is a unique online platform that helps families connect and find pre-screened and qualified caregivers to care for their aging parents. We are using video technology to make the process easier, safer and less expensive. Users are able to watch video profiles of pre-screened and qualified caregivers talking about their experiences, skills, personalities, backgrounds etc. Making it easier, safer and less expensive to hire the perfect caregiver.

Class: 2014 Winter

Merrimack Analysis Group

Team Member(s): Greg Page

Mentor(s): stephen alepa,Kevin Oye

Online identity and security. Seminars for student groups, parent groups, job seekers, and senior citizens that help explain the ins and outs of digital footprint. Proprietary analytic software to review social media profiles. Consulting engagements by request.

Class: 2013 Summer

Merrimack Valley Time Exchange

Team Member(s): Joy Mosenfelder

Mentor(s): Joyce Dostale,Jess Andors,Teg Rood

The Merrimack Valley Time Exchange (MVTE) is a new "time bank" program at the Coalition for a Better Acre." Community members can sign up to become members of the MVTE and after a reference check can choose to exchange services, skills and resources through the "time economy." Members set up profiles listing services they are offering and those they are requesting, they earn "time credits" for providing services to other members and can spend these credits to get services they need from any other member of the time exchange. One hour of service is always worth one unit of credit. As the program grows and new members join the services offered through the exchange become more and more diverse. For more information call Joy Mosenfelder at 978-452-7523 x 815 or email MerrimackValleyTimeExchange@cbacre.org

Class: 2014 Winter

MHM Studios Printmaking

Team Member(s): Markus Haala

Mentor(s): Tom O'Donnell

MHM Studios Printmaking is a fine art printmaking studio. We offer a professionally equipped print shop for custom edition and contract printing, student workshops and platemaking instruction for emerging and established artists. MHM Studios Printmaking is located in the city of Lowell, Massachusetts, in the biggest artist community on the US East Coast, the Western Avenue Studios.

Class: 2013 Summer

Mi Casita Lawrence

Team Member(s): Franallen Acosta

Mi Casita is modular home developer based in the Lawrence maker space (The Mill). It's mission to make housing accessible to all. We're creating fully off the grid homes, using eco-friendly resources, and the latest technology to enhance the living experience.

Class: 2016 Summer

Mill City Glass Works

Team Member(s): Peter Zimmerman

Mentor(s): Jeff Gwynne,Annette Reynolds

Mill City Glass Works is a glass blowing studio operating out of Western Avenue Studios in Lowell, MA. Glass Artists Aron Leaman and Peter Zimmerman are working together to provide a space for anyone who is interested in taking classes and workshops the art and craft of glass blowing as well as viewing the work created by our resident glass artists.

Class: 2014 Winter

Mill City Grows

Team Member(s): Lydia Sisson,Francey Slater

Mentor(s): Heather McMann,Annie Smidt,Raj Melville

Mill City Grows is fostering Food Justice in Lowell! We work to create urban food production sites and give Lowell residents the knowledge to grow their own food or purchase locally grown food!

Class: 2013 Winter

Mini-Mole LLC

Team Member(s): Phil Caruso

Mini-Mole LLC was founded in February 2014 to design, build, and sell robotic floor cleaners. We are excited to offer the Mini-Mole Robotic Floor Sweeper to automatically clean all of the hard floors in your home - even under low-clearance furniture!

Class: 2016 Summer

mino by ParaWare, LLC

Team Member(s): aaron burke,Russ Queen

Mentor(s): George Rose

ParaWare, LLC created the mino shoe wear sensor that shows runner when their shoes are worn out so they don't get hurt.

Class: 2013 Summer

Mitsy Kit Inc.

Team Member(s): Tammy Roussell

Mentor(s): Todd Smith,Annmarie Galli,Lisa Dufresne

Mitsy Kit; Adaptable, Accessible, and Affordable Mitsy Kit Inc. is a nonprofit that provides kits and training to enable people of all abilities to participate in activities most meaningful to them. Our flagship product, The Mitsy Kit sewing and quilting kit, provides adapted materials and training to enable the blind to sew and quilt using their sense of touch in place of eyesight. Tammy Roussell, founder of Mitsy Kit, initially developed this touch based sewing and quilting process for her mom, Mitsy, a former seamstress, after she lost her sight due to Retinitis Pigmentosa. After realizing the dramatic improvement this had on her mom’s quality of life, Tammy was compelled to make it into a kit so that others could benefit in the greater blind and visually impaired community. The goal of the Mitsy Kit sewing and quilting kit is to provide the opportunity for people of all visual abilities to enjoy creating beautiful, hand sewn and quilted products with both visual and tactile appeal. Mitsy Kit Mission / Values: Our mission is to help people of all abilities to remove barriers and participate in activities that provide personal meaning, fulfillment, and life enrichment. Our key values center on accessibility, adaptability, and affordability for all. We believe that all people deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential with the right tools and right supports as active members of their community. Our employment and partnerships will support our mission as we seek to engage people of all abilities in our operations. We will promote positive changes in our community and environment by providing local work, volunteerism, and stewardship opportunities including a focus on recycle, reuse, and re-purpose of materials. We highly value volunteer and community involvement. Volunteers are essential to enable our mission, ensure sustainability, and to help build community awareness. We encourage and welcome the participation of all who share our mission. Finally, We strive to create life changing experiences and inspiration for all involved, including Mitsy Kit employees, partners, volunteers and customers. For more information concerning the Mitsy Kit program and related workshops / events, please go to https://www.facebook.com/MitsyKit

Class: 2016 Winter

My City is a Museum

Team Member(s): Mary Guerrero

Students at the Oliver Partnership School are taking a special class called, "Lawrence Then and Now". In this class we are looking closely at the monuments in the Lawrence Common to see what we can learn about our community and our history. Now, our new goal is to set up a public app or website as an interactive tour guide of the monuments told from the students' point of view. Students will be the curators of the city showing visitors their perspective of our community. Students will take photos, draw, write and discuss what information they infer and what they learn when they investigate the monuments at Heritage State Park and Lawrence History Center.


My Crowning Jewel, LLC

Team Member(s): Veronica N. Chapman

Mentor(s): Pradeep Aradhya,John Conley,Lisa Dufresne

My Crowning Jewel designs exquisite head wrap “Jewels” while also developing an accessories-centered social shopping platform that answers the question, “Do you have My Crowning Jewel?”

Class: 2014 Summer

Noble Cakes

Team Member(s): Sobeyda Gomez-Gonzalez,Betzaida Gomez-Gonzalez

Mentor(s): Andrew Jacobson,Barrie Atkin,Liliana Kualapai

Noble Cakes specializes in, but is not limited to custom wedding cakes with taste and style while also providing an exquisite experience.

Class: 2015 Winter

NowLocal, Inc.

Team Member(s): Randy Corke

Mentor(s): Andrew Jacobson,Henry Noel Jr,John Markiewicz

NowLocal is a new “mobile-as-a-service” business designed to drive stronger connections and increased business between local consumers and local businesses. NowLocal provides the easiest, most cost-affordable way for local businesses to connect to nearby consumers, and the easiest way for consumers to discover nearby businesses that have the products and services that they need.

Class: 2015 Winter

Obz Design

Team Member(s): James Fox,David Zapata,Paige Fox

Mentor(s): Anne Marie Messier,Brennan Lake,Jeffrey Hamel

We believe everyone should have access to quality healthcare. Poor health is a major contributor to global poverty. We are working to provide healthcare workers in developing countries better tools – revolutionary medical devices – to improve the care they are able to provide. We like to focus on the biggest problems in global health and develop scalable solutions that can be applied for massive impact.

We are currently developing a non-invasive hemoglobin monitor intended to replace blood testing in identifying anemia.

Class: 2015 Winter

On the Spot

Team Member(s): Thomas O`Hearn

Mentor(s): Gary Sidell,John Howard,Steve LaTerza

On the Spot specializes in on-site automobile detailing and cleaning. We detail your car on the spot, whether that's at your home or office. We offer a professional level of service, and is the only company of it's kind in the Greater Lowell area.

Class: 2015 Winter

Operation Delta Dog

Team Member(s): Trisha Blanchet

Mentor(s): Steven Coleman,Clare Gunther,Marty Kane

Operation Delta Dog is a nonprofit organization with a mission to rescue shelter dogs and train them to work as service dogs for U.S. military veterans who suffer from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). The dogs get the homes they need, and the veterans get the help they deserve!

Class: 2013 Winter

Option Trade Tracker

Team Member(s): Jared Millman

Mentor(s): John Conley,John Markiewicz,Randy Corke

My company saves active stock and options traders countless hours each week managing their positions. Instead of manually tracking complex trades using spreadsheets, the software automatically creates advanced analytics and reporting. This solution gives users a much clearer understanding of their own portfolios and frees up their time to spend trading. Users can also generate additional income by making their portfolios public to others on a subscription basis. I already built the prototype and should be ready to start on boarding users in the next few weeks.

Class: 2015 Summer

Oshun Designs LLC

Team Member(s): Nkese Applewhite

Mentor(s): Regina Au,Dan Murphy,James DiBurro

We design and sell beautiful all-in-one pumping and nursing brassieres for breastfeeding mothers.

Class: 2014 Summer


Team Member(s): Linda Shottes Bouchard

Outskerts is a sustainable woman's outdoor to street wear clothing company with a small batch production model. Adding a new category for woman wear-insulated skirt the companies first product. Each piece of clothing will have local creators and designers crafting their trade with purpose. Every piece of clothing will also have an intention and energy throughout the design, labeling, and story.

Class: 2016 Summer


Team Member(s): Dylan Powers

Wearable head device that helps detect concussive impacts in impact sports.


Power of Flowers Project

Team Member(s): Joyce Bellefeuille

Mentor(s): Anne Marie Messier,Hayden Anderson

The Power of Flowers Project is a non profit organization that rescues and recycles flowers - arranging them into individual bouquets that are delivered at no charge to people in assisted living living facilities, shelters, verterans hospitals and other places where the mental health of the individuals is at risk. http://boston.cbslocal.com/video/11448869-robi-on-the-road-volunteers-give-funeral-flowers-second-life/

Class: 2015 Summer

Power of Self-Education (POSE) Inc.

Team Member(s): Kat Everett

POSE is a faith-based 501c3 nonprofit with a mission to empower individuals towards self-sustained social responsibility through education. POSE provides unique learning opportunities, implements a broad range of tailored services for community members, groups, churches, and individuals. POSE specializes in filling service gaps, and bridging individual or group needs to community resources. Our goal is to minimize the perceived barriers limiting individuals from obtaining the knowledge needed to thrive in all areas of life. Our objective is to reshape the traditional views of education.

Class: 2016 Summer


Team Member(s): NaBeela Washington

Mentor(s): Ed Manning,Laura Smith,Steve LaTerza

Prae is a creative counseling agency that provides easy structure and accessibility to small businesses and interested non-profits who don't have the tools or financial means to have a killer to create a marketing strategy, social media implementation or marketing footprint in the community to increase business traffic, supporters in the community and awareness about their product or services.

Class: 2016 Winter

Principium Prep

Team Member(s): Amsi Morales

Mentor(s): Barrie Atkin

Principium Prep is an online resource center for parents and students seeking information regarding education. Principium Prep focuses on resources available to an individual on a local level, more specifically within your community.

Class: 2013 Summer

Pro Graphics, Inc.

Team Member(s): Gary Chamberlain

Mentor(s): Pat Riemitis,Dona Flamme,Bob Katz

Democratizing the Graphical Web. Everyone should be able to create stunning web content. Our technology, Pro Motion, and upcoming website services enable non-technical people to craft rich and interactive animated content, with data visualization.

Class: 2014 Winter

Proffesional and Personal Graphic Design Services

Team Member(s): Candice Ann

Our mission is to hire recent graduates with a concentration in commuiications, graphic design and/or multi media to help gain the expierience and knowledge and to help them grow to a higher level in thier profession.


Pure Innovation, Inc.

Team Member(s): Alexander Schwarzkopf,Dylan Powers,Matt Joyal

We are a small group of students from Wentworth Institute of Technology who are committed to making sports safer for anyone who enjoys a sport. Our mission is to create a product for athletes of all levels that can monitor their exposure to concussive impacts. We want to deliver the confidence of knowing that they are not in danger of permanent brain damage. Through a non-invasive, lost-cost system of sensors we can deliver warning to the athletes clearly and swiftly with our product, the Pure Band.


Pure Pesto

Team Member(s): Evan Cotreau

Mentor(s): joseph jolly,William Bowhers

Pure Pesto is a gourmet pesto sauce company that aims to redefine the way pestos are perceived by consumers in a fresh nutritious way.

Class: 2014 Summer

Purple Carrot Bread Co.

Team Member(s): Alaina & Doug Brackett

Mentor(s): Trish Fleming,Daryl Long,Frank Faticanti

Purple Carrot Bread Co. Is committed to producing quality food to highlight and feature our breads to support a full service lunch establishment. Our goal is to never compromise quality ingredients and to deliver from scratch recipes in a "village feel" storefront. As we grow we intend to explore cheese making and other from scratch food recipes.

Class: 2016 Winter

Random Wire Technologies, LLC

Team Member(s): Patrick Shields,Stephen Wong

Mentor(s): William Bowhers,Nancy Saucier,Scott Lewis

Random Wire Technologies creates access control solutions to help small business stay secure and grow faster.

Our product is the Ctrl-O. It is a full system for managing door access. It is much easier than most of the solutions on the market, so you can focus on your business and not your doors. It gives you live access data through the internet, so you can see who's coming in on Saturday even while you're away.

Oh man, did you actually get this far? Wow! If you did, you should tweet the word "meringue" to us. We'll give you a high five or money, or something!

Class: 2015 Winter


Team Member(s): Nikki

Refuge is a drawing and painting studio, designed to assist young artists who are seeking serious portfolio development, playful artistic self-expression, and everything in between. With a strong emphasis on positive community outreach and development of critical thinking skills, each student is offered a personalized approach to art-making, regardless of experience.

Class: 2016 Summer

Robotic Feeding Arm

Team Member(s): Philip Colangelo

Mentor(s): Nancy Saucier

Robotic Feeding Arm is an assistive technology product that gives independence to those who rely on others for feeding assistance.

Class: 2013 Summer

RoundShip LLC

Team Member(s): Jason Cipriano

Mentor(s): steveking,stephen alepa

RoundShip helps students and families with the transition from high school to college. We have a suite of tools to manage the process, with our first being a "common app" for scholarships that allows business and non-profits to create scholarships in minutes, and students to search and apply for scholarships in seconds. Our product is available online (web app) and via mobile devices.

Class: 2014 Winter

Sano Point-of-Care Diagnostics

Team Member(s): Paul Hayre

Low Cost, Point of Care Biomarker Diagnostic Platform Sano offers a disposable, low cost, Point-of-Care (POC) biomarker detection platform with first focus on a chronic wound diagnostic that quantitatively measures wound biochemistry (enzymes called MMPs) to personalize treatment, promote faster healing, and reduce treatment costs. In parallel, Sano will trial and commercialize an early equine arthritis diagnostic for earlier revenue in Q4 2014. Six other human and vet disease modalities that are characterized by spiked MMP concentrations will be evaluated and prioritized sequentially thereafter.



Team Member(s): Mai Libman,Sagi Yaacoby

Mentor(s): Andrew Stickney,Adam McGowan,Tim Curran

Savione is a cloud-based platform for local merchants and market vendors to create a mobile storefront that allows them to publish real-time information on their stores, products, and offers. The aggregation of these stores on one platform creates a virtual mall of indie brick & mortar stores and open markets in various neighborhoods, allowing consumers (both locals and visitors) to discover those neighborhoods and their offerings in one place.

Class: 2014 Summer


Team Member(s): Pat Gorham

Savorii collaborates with diverse artisans in our communities along with vocational workshops, local manufacturers, homeless shelters, and recycling centers, to provide training, create job opportunities, and develop really cool products!


Select Patch

Team Member(s): Dennis Regan

Mentor(s): Teg Rood,Bob Katz,Gary Sidell

Select Patch is an interactive apparel brand that builds in patch receptacles into baseball caps, apparel and accessories so those items will accept Velcro backed patches. These patches contain messages that the consumer wants to display to the public in order to tell a deeper story about what the consumer is connected to.

Class: 2016 Winter

Social enterprising

Team Member(s): John LaPierre

Recycling of wood slated for land fill and employing individuals who have special needs and/or who are coming out of an institution and need a job and help being integrated back into society. Also to build a treatment facility for individuals with addictions.


Sophity LLC

Team Member(s): Andrea Mulligan

Mentor(s): Dona Flamme,Joyce Dostale,Richard Juknavorian

Sophity provides consulting businesses with the tools, information, and knowledge needed to evolve into a truly world-class practice.  We believe strongly in educating our customers and helping practice leaders run sustainable, profitable, world-class businesses. We also believe that no practice can ever be world-class without an educated, professional consulting team. Education is power, and knowledge is power. The name “Sophity” comes from the prefix, "Soph," which means "wisdom," and the suffix “ity," which means "having the quality of.”

Class: 2015 Winter

STEM Beginnings

Team Member(s): Euclid Jorda

STEM Beginnings offers fun-filled and exciting programs for young children, focused on building and sustaining interest in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Our main goal is to introduce STEM-related concepts through effective instruction, and enjoyable activities. STEM education is an interdisciplinary approach to learning. It integrates the four disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics into relevant but fun activities meant to build and sustain interest as well as establish foundational knowledge in young children. We believe that the creation of a fertile ground for learning starts during a child’s early years. It is never too early to spark our little children’s interest in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). It’s during the early years that children start to wonder, ask, think, and discover about things around them. We aim to stimulate young minds and inspire them to create and cultivate curiosity toward these disciplines. As a result, we hope to make STEM a regular part of children’s play, help contribute in shaping their intellectual development and hopefully shape our little ones into our future engineers, doctors, scientists, and leaders of tomorrow. Our approach to teaching STEM in the early years is based on the following principles: • FOCUS. We will combine two or more STEM disciplines in our classes in order for children to see the relationship among concepts. • CONFIDENCE. We will strive to build children’s confidence by acknowledging their abilities, development, and milestones while constantly challenging them with interesting projects, tasks, and activities. • FUN. We will ensure that the children learn in a super fun environment. We always believe that they learn best when they are having fun.


Story-to-Song Project

Team Member(s): Marieke Slovin,Malcolm Brooks

Mentor(s): Kamal Jain

StorytoSong Project is an experience. Our company brings the stories of life into song. We offer workshops and consulting sessions to build songs from spoken stories and experiences, celebrating people's lives through collaborative songwriting. Our products help our cutomers to reach beyond commercial music to the real stories of life. Our mission is to help communities hear the musical voices of their own people and to help each person create a song from their own life. Our products include (but are not limited to): 1. Special Event Songwriting 2. Songwriting Workshop or Demonstration 3. Gift of Song 4. Personalized Song 5. Story-to-Song Performance 6. Custom Orders

Class: 2014 Winter


Team Member(s): Amar Ruparelia

Mentor(s): Ed Manning,Fred Faust,Pat Riemitis

Streem has come up with a solution using mobile and cloud infrastructure to automate the maintenance work order and rental payment process for rental properties by connecting tenants, property managers, and handymen on one platform.

Class: 2015 Winter

Studio 26

Team Member(s): Anthony Nganga

Mentor(s): Rafael Fonseca,Ron Lasser

Studio 26 is an early-stage venture that provides architectural services to building owners and tenants in assessing space requirements and providing functional, attractive and cost-effective spaces. We strive to provide excellent customer service by going the extra step to engage and understand each customer in order to provide them with creative and inspiring design solutions at the best cost and in a timely manner. Building owners can take advantage of our services to renovate old and tired existing buildings and be able to target better quality tenants and charge higher rents. Our expertise in design and space organization will enable tenants to freshen up their tired layouts to maximize the use of their spaces, increase their employee output, enhance their business image as well as meet the needs of the new age economy. We currently offering our architectural design services on a continuing basis to one customer who is a building owner with multiple commercial–type buildings in Billerica and Danvers.

Class: 2015 Summer

Style This Shindig

Team Member(s): Chhavy Sinuon

Mentor(s): Nathan Rothstein,Andrew Jacobson

We believe that if marriage isn't about losing yourself, then why should designing your wedding be any different? We change the way dance-to-your-beat couples design their weddings. What past clients say: "You helped me take charge of designing my wedding." "You were caring! You were the only vendor I spoke to the most during my wedding planning. You delivered 10 folds!!" "You nailed it even though I was vague in my description." We can nail a requirement. We can design visual boards, put together a beautiful arrangement, or create that stunning visual experience. We got the basics down. But...Our true focus is to help reconnect you to yourself, putting YOU in charge of designing a stylish event that matches your love story. Understand WHY you want what you want. Create a real foundation from which you can plan and design your wedding. Refocus your valuable energy on what really matters. In other words, help you kick the pretense, stay true to yourself, save unnecessary heartaches and wasteful spending, and ultimately design a stylish event that speaks to your core. Love notes from our past clients: "Chhavy was able to incorporate the flowers from the ceremony to the reception flawlessly." "I didn’t know anything about flowers but Chhavy guided me through the entire process...I loved how she showed me samples of flower combinations when I met with her. I appreciated how she was very patient throughout our meeting. I was definitely happy with the outcome." "There are not enough words or expression to describe how utterly perfect the shower turned out." "I thought it’d be difficult to work with someone else rather than just doing it alone. What pleased me the most was that you really understood what I wanted and was patient with my indecisiveness on certain things such as food for the dessert table. You did so much for me from creating things and setting up. You surely went beyond. You listen and are very patient. You communicate to help push ideas through when we might not know exactly what we wanted. Your smile booth is totally awesome. " Let's do this! Let's change the way you design your weddings!

Class: 2013 Summer

Support Our Students

Team Member(s): Teresa Shroll,Sadie Prickett,Anna Henson,Mary Tauras,Chandana Penukonda,Xavier Guay

Mentor(s): George Rose,John Harmon,Rosemary Infante Costello

We are a nonprofit company nourishing future college graduates for a healthy and productive community. Support Our Students provides a long-term solution for hungry students through a meal donation system, workshops, and events. We have the potential to receive at least 3,000 meal donations from students alone, but will also provide an opportunity for faculty, alumni, and local residents to provide meal scholarships for student in need. Our workshops and events will both raise awareness and reduce the stigma associated with food insecurity. The University of Massachusetts Lowell will serve as the site for our pilot program, which we hope to begin implementing on campuses across the country.

Class: 2014 Summer

Supporting Fine Motor Success

Team Member(s): Stephanie Goudreau

As a school based occupational therapist based at the Rollins Early Childhood Center, I work with many students who have decreased fine motor and visual motor skills which are often impacted by various diagnoses. Many students are motivated by technology which can be used as a teaching tool to strengthen their fine and visual motor skills. This project would allow preschool and kindergarten students access to iPads and apps during treatment sessions to address areas of need. Various fine motor apps will be explored including the Handwriting without Tears App to improve letter formation in order to prepare students for the demands of writing. The strengthening of our students’ fine and visual motor skills using technology will support areas including cognitive development, English language arts, literacy development and written output. These areas will allow our students to have increased success with pre-writing, letter formation and integration of shapes to form drawings. This project aims to provide students with a good foundation of letter formation by tapping into their interests of technology that will support the written demands that are yet to come along their educational journey.


Sutra Studio LLC

Team Member(s): Jennifer Howell

Mentor(s): John Conley,Jeanne Union,Paul Bareford

SUTRA STUDIO is part of the Mill No. 5 complex in downtown Lowell MA. Mill No. 5 is built on the 4th floor of one of the original Appleton Mills of Lowell. SUTRA aims to provide not only outstanding yoga asana (postural) practice, but also meditation, massage therapies and energy healing, as well as dharma discussions and events. We also offer an array of fun retail including apparel, jewelry, art, books, and other items for the yogic lifestyle. SUTRA is fully equipped with a handsome practice space, massage space, 2 bathrooms, a water fountain, free wi-fi, and all the chill vibes you can handle in our hang-out area.

Class: 2016 Winter


Team Member(s): Bill Norcott

SwankMyStyle is an all inclusive website that allows users to book their weekend getaway, mother/daughter day spa, personal make-over, or social event focusing on their personal style and staying within set budget. We collaborate with local businesses to design events that will increase revenue and bring new customers to their door. It no longer takes multiple sites to search and book that weekend away starting with a couples massage, elegant bed n breakfast, dinner reservations, night entertainment, and golf, day-spa or fishing charter all within your budget. Uplift your style from ordinary to extraordinary.


Sweat For A Cause

Team Member(s): Ronak Mehta

Mentor(s): Stephen Ives,David Parker

Sweat For A Cause is a web startup that is taking the concept of fitness-driven fundraisers online

Class: 2013 Winter

Sweet Grace Heavenly Cakes

Team Member(s): sweet grace heavenly cakes

Mentor(s): Andrew Jacobson,Marianne Paley Nadel

Cake Specialty Company to create customs cake of one-of-a-kind cake that fits with the location, the decorating and the ambiance of the event. The company has unique recipes that combine my hispanic heritage with an american twist.

Class: 2014 Winter

Sweet Inspirations/Gracie's Hair Butter

Team Member(s): Shervonne

Sweet Inspirations is a online boutique where we specialize in New, Up-Cycle, Vintage Clothing and Accessories. In 2013 I created a product called Gracie's Hair Butter to address the problem of hair loss that my husband was experiencing. Since he has used my Gracie's Hair Butter, he is experiencing substantial hair growth as well as healthier hair.



Team Member(s): Charles Vanijcharoenkarn

Take-In is a weekly meal delivery service partnered with aspiring/semi-professional chefs to bring healthier, high-quality, or exclusive dishes to busy people who want to expand their palates but don’t always have the time to cook. By subscribing, eaters support budding local chefs in pursuing their aspirations to open their own restaurants by trying their dishes, following them on social media, and generating buzz. Aspiring chefs get free marketing to expand their customer base, make some extra income, and share amazing cuisine with their community. We aspire to make quality meals accessible all. In addition to donating a portion of profits to local food charities, we volunteer with Community Cooks, a Massachusetts nonprofit that delivers monthly meals to neighbors who need it most.

Class: 2016 Summer

The American Grand Cru Society

Team Member(s): Gregoire M Poirier

Mentor(s): Rafael Fonseca,Dona Flamme,Paul Franzosa

We are a non profit newly designated 501 6 (c) with a mission to identify and recognize our greatest American vineyards, and wines thereof. Communicating that directly to consumers is our intention, building a sustainable non profit organization is our current task.

Class: 2016 Winter

The Bert and I Company of Maine, LLC

Team Member(s): Cherie Hoyt

Our company acquired a Motion Picture Option for the Bert and I Intellectual Property in August of 2012, We intend to make a full-length comedy feature film based on Bert and I characters and stories; develop a variety stage show and radio program; produce humorous spoken-word CDs, and create other entertainment ventures. We are located in both Maine and Massachusetts. The Bert and I characters are two old lobstermen who tell humorous stories in a thick Maine accent. The original Bert and I albums were very popular in New England from the late 1950's through the early 1980's, and are still available on CD and still in demand. In 2013, I produced the the CD, "Bert and I...Rebooted," featuring founder Robert Bryan (now 82) and Maine's best known humorist, Tim Sample. It was the first new Bert and I album in more than 30 years and has been received very well. Fifty years ago, "Bert and I" (Robert Bryan and Marshall Dodge) popularized the expression," You cahn't get they-ah from hee-yah," and if you've heard someone say that, especially in an old-time New England accent, you've were introduced to Bert and I whether you knew it or not. Please check out our website to see more about our company, the history of Bert and I, and our plans.


The Dinner Daily

Team Member(s): Laurin Mills

Mentor(s): Kevin Oye,Lisa Dufresne,Pat Riemitis

The Dinner Daily seeks to solve a universal problem families face every day: getting a healthy dinner on the table quickly, easily, and affordably. We like to say that we are "the answer to the what's for dinner? dilemma!" Each week we develop weeknight meal plans customized to what is on special at several New England based grocery store. Menu plans are delivered to customers online, complete with organized shopping lists and links to online coupons. Current store subscriptions include Stop & Shop, Market Basket, Hannaford, Shaws, Roche Bros, and Whole Foods. We also offer a generic menu plan (“Any Store”) that can be used anywhere in the country. Subscribers (3, 6 and 12 month options) select their preferred grocery store, menu preference (traditional, no red meat, or vegetarian) and family size. Plans represent a weeknight food budget that on average costs less than $85 for groceries to feed a family of five. We estimate families will save anywhere from $2,000 to $2,500 annually in food costs by using our service. In addition, all recipes are original, simple to prepare in 30 minutes or less, and use healthy whole foods. We plan to add a delivery component to our meal planning by forming strategic partnerships with area grocery stores offering online delivery (e.g. Peapod) to provide the ultimate in convenience for the busy consumer: “from the plan to the delivery”. We plan to call this service “Dinner Daily Delivered!” We were also recently featured on NECN's "Money Savings Mondays" highlighting the cost benefit of our service: http://goo.gl/adyVtg

Class: 2015 Winter

The Energy Gateway

Team Member(s): Jeff White

Today, accomplishing energy cost savings can be very labor intensive, and at times, quite complex. The Energy Gateway aims to simplify the process by offering its customers access to an interactive online portal system designed to Organize, Explore, and Implement energy costs, and the savings programs that combat them


The Food Train, Inc.

Team Member(s): Thomas Bell, Tiffany Bell

Mentor(s): John Conley,Patti Fielding

The Food Train is a mobile food truck serving delicious quality comfort food with a bistro flare. Our menu offer foods people that are familiar with but with The Food Train's twist. Our menu will have people intrigued to try and guaranteed to return.

Class: 2015 Winter

The Fuschia Files

Team Member(s): Cristina Pimentel

Mentor(s): franky descoteaux,Ashli Ree,Elaine Sousa

The Fuschia Files is a personal styling and creative marketing agency. Personal styling is a practice we conduct routinely intentionally or not. But are you happy with yours? Is it easy for your to dress yourself and feel invincible? We provide our clients with the clarity, resources and support to do so successfully and effortlessly on a daily basis. Through embarking on that process with you. Running a conceptualized business can get rough fast. Staying relevant, creative and lucrative is a balance that can become overwhelming when your a small business or brand. Through branding and creative-customized marketing, we not only assist ….we enhance, elevate and revive your brand’s core concept. Personal development breed’s unwavering confidence. We style our client’s and their businesses into the best version of themselves.

Class: 2016 Winter

The GrownUp Project

Team Member(s): Bianca Mauro

Begun as a study of adults who want to regain their happiness, and initially incorporated in 2014, The GrownUp Project was founded to assist adults with career change by providing a network of coaches and professional support. We provide assistance and resources to clients and their families while they execute a career change in pursuit of their dreams. Our mission extends to showing school children and college students that there is a wider breadth of career opportunities out there than may be traditionally taught in school, by bringing in speakers who are successful industry professionals in out-of-the box careers.

Class: 2016 Summer

The Indigo Pixies

Team Member(s): Cheryl Hajjar

Mentor(s): Nick Karwoski,Paul Franzosa

The Indigo Pixies are a family of magical,multicultural fairies that help children build the confidence they need to overcome challenging developmental milestones. Each Pixie specializes in a specific challenge from ending pacifier use to potty training to bedtime etiquette and carries with it a vibrant storybook and interactive nursery rhyme to helps parents transform these sometimes difficult struggles into a meaningful bonding experience.

Class: 2014 Winter

The Medallion Movement

Team Member(s): Sam Hy

Mentor(s): Pradeep Aradhya

The Medallion Movement designs original handcrafted leather medallions.

Class: 2013 Summer

The Spiral Arts Project

Team Member(s): Rosa Alemán

Mentor(s): Bob Katz,Joyce Dostale,Gary Chamberlain

Spiral Arts strives to connect community-based businesses and organizations with local artists working across diverse mediums to produce cost effective communication services that amplify mission & vision. Focused on building creative partnerships with pre-investment start-ups, we provide support with new media, marketing & web-based content development, offering high quality design services to small businesses and organizations.

Class: 2015 Summer

Thrive Communities of Massachusetts

Team Member(s): Kimberly Yeasir,George Halfkenny

Mentor(s): Frank Faticanti,Kenneth Bate

THRIVE will be a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower reentry residents (people who have been incarcerated) to overcome adversity, own their future, and thrive in community. Our theory for change combats recidivism by building and healing communities through the transforming powers of restorative practice, play, and unconditional love. Our model will help communities become more compassionate, informed, and resilient by intertwining people from various neighborhoods and social spheres who otherwise may not interact. This is timely work as issues of criminal justice, race, and socioeconomic barriers are being reevaluated in our society.

Class: 2015 Summer

Tick Tock, LLC.

Team Member(s): Keri Steckler

Tick Tock, LLC manufactures sticker reward charts for the children's healthcare market. Our charts hook to where they are needed: whether onto a medication bottle for tracking medications or a bathroom doorknob to assist with potty training. Our products track simply by removing a sticker, which results in active tracking, increased adherence, compliance from children, and proven success in accomplishing goals.

Class: 2016 Summer


Team Member(s): Susu Wong

Mentor(s): Trish Fleming,George Rose,Pat Riemitis

Tomo360 is a full-service marketing consulting company -- helping business owners and nonprofits with their marketing and online strategies, ranging from email marketing and social media to website designs and logos.

Class: 2014 Winter

Top Notch Network

Team Member(s): Joanna de Pena,Luis Sosa,Jennifer Franco

Mentor(s): Eduardo Crespo,Dan Murphy,Kevin Oye

Top Notch Network is a networking organization for millennial entrepreneurs and professionals. We motivate, empower and engage our audience through our monthly events by teaching skills and strategies to take their business or profession to the next level.

Class: 2015 Summer

Trail Websites

Team Member(s): Scott Lewis

Mentor(s): Pat Riemitis,John Markiewicz,Keelyn Sebeny

Trail Websites helps Conservation and Land Trusts improve fundraising and public engagement through web design, development, hosting and managed operational services for trust websites. We add value to the Wordpress Content Management System with a database and tools that enable trusts to enter information about their properties and trails once and present it many different ways to visitors ensuring consistency and reducing duplicated work. Trail Websites also helps trusts become mobile device friendly, create more effective fundraising pages and use technology to get people out from behind their technology and into the outdoors.

Class: 2016 Winter

Translation Services

Team Member(s): samantha ouk

Mentor(s): Andrew Jacobson,Jim Barbagallo

The Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association is dedicated to improving the quality of life for Cambodian Americans and other minorities and economically disadvantaged persons in Lowell through educational, cultural, economic and social programs. We also offer many volunteer opportunities. At Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association (CMAA) we provide translation services. We have over 25 years of experience in delivering effective, culturally, and linguistically appropriate services to the Cambodian community. We are expanding our services to include affordable and culturally sensitive interpretation and translation services in Cambodian. Our interpreters are highly skilled in communication that involves complex language, body systems, and concepts/procedures of Western biomedicine, law, insurance etc. And by choosing a CMAA interpreter, you are supporting a community-based non-profit organization.

Class: 2014 Summer

True Cyclery

Team Member(s): Karl Borne

Mentor(s): Annette Reynolds,Kevin Oye,Rafael Fonseca

Mobile sales, fittings, and service for the cycling enthusiast. My territory ranges from New Haven to New London, and on up to Hartford.

Class: 2015 Winter


Team Member(s): Brad Durbin,Bob Martin,Antonio Bello,Ken Shandy

Mentor(s): James McHugh

Ubersimple, a NH based software company, has developed "AppPack" (a mobile app and website), to make it quick and easy to give out referrals within the mortgage and real estate industry. Professionals that rely on referrals for business can include their trusted business partners to participate, which allows consumers to have direct access to a network of professionals, locally and privately. See a 90 second video at http://see.apppack.me

Class: 2013 Summer

Union Capital Boston

Team Member(s): Eric Leslie,Emily Jones,Roy Chan,Anna Leslie

Union Capital Boston is an approach to overcome the poverty trap for individuals, families, and communities. Our plan is to create a mobile-based loyalty program for low-income families that provides social and financial service rewards in exchange for community involvement in schools, businesses, health centers, and civic programs.


University to University Transportation Company LLC (UTUTC)

Team Member(s): Derek Coleman

Mentor(s): Tom Fitzpatrick,John Howard

The University to University Transportation Company (UTUTC) is a transportation service exclusively for college students to travel between major universities for events in the New England area. We strive to provide students with an opportunity to visit any major university in New England very (1) Cheap, (2) Conveniently, and (3) Comfortably. The UTUTC creates an atmosphere of friends and fellow students all traveling to the same event; encouraging students to be social and create new friendships. We will pick you up at 1 University Ave and bring you directly to the event. Students must have a .edu email account and their school identification card to travel with the UTUTC.

Class: 2013 Winter

Waterville Farms- Mushroom Grow Rooms

Team Member(s): Deb DiBiasie

Waterville Farms is designed to be a commercial, sustainable, vertical hydroponic and Aquaponics, climate controlled agriculture and farming enterprise, R&D and ED center, powered by renewable energy.



Team Member(s): Blake Nelson,Lisa Nelson,Karen Hellemn,Halliday Hueras,Zachary Hueras

Mentor(s): Dan Murphy,Scott McKenzie,Tom O'Donnell

Waveonics will transform the $36B recreational boating industry. By fusing the location services of mobile devices with the revolutionary power of crowdsourcing, our mobile app, Wayves, transforms common GPS navigation into a social platform for the 12 million US boat owners. With a few taps, any boater can enter, and share, social and safety information with the community in real-time. And, because Wayves is location-based, we know where our users are and what’s trending. This is highly valuable information. Selling this information to the maritime retailers will be very profitable.

Class: 2015 Winter

Wheelchair Companion

Team Member(s): Tracy Stopyra

Mentor(s): joe lane

The Wheelchair Companion is a quilted fabric storage product for Wheelchairs.

Class: 2014 Summer

Who Got Shot

Team Member(s): Darius Mitchell

Who Got Shot is a newspaper that highlights victims on Gun Violence in America. Who Got Shot will focus on the politics of Gun Violence in America.


Women's Path to Employment (WPTE)

Team Member(s): Sabrina Boggio

Mentor(s): Andrew Jacobson,Marianne Paley Nadel,Anne Marie Messier

Women’s Path To Employment (WPTE) helps unemployed women along their path to employment using mobile career services that prepare clients for interviews through education, preparation, and professional women's clothing drives.

Class: 2013 Winter