*Applicants who have raised / earned profits less than $25K for their idea are encouraged to apply


  • First Place – $1,000
  • Second Place – $750
  • Third Place – $500
  • Fan-Favorite (audience members text in their votes) – $500
EforAll Expert Adam Medros - Senior Vice President of Global Product, TripAdvisor

EforAll Expert Adam Medros (Senior Vice President of Global Product, TripAdvisor)

During each contest, EforAll invites top industry experts to judge each finalist’s pitch. Here is a list of experts who have taken part in past pitch contests.

Creative Economy Sector:

Finance Sector:


Local Sector:

  • Benny Espaillat – Owner, Zapato Aqui Shoe Store
  • Deb Gurry – Founder & Owner, Clock Tower Cafe & Union Street Grill (Lawrence)
  • Fred Faust – President, Edge Group, Inc. 
  • Julia Silverio – Founder, Julia’s Travel and & Silverio Insurance Agency

Marketing/PR/Media Sectors:

Non-Profit/Foundation/Social Impact Sectors:

Tech/High-Growth Sectors:

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Lianna Kushi, Program Manager of the Entreprenership for All Entreprenuer Program

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1. In less than fifty words, please tell us your idea.
2. describe your customer or target audience – please be as specific as possible. How will you reach these people to tell them about your idea?
3. Whether your idea is for a for-profit company, or a social-impact organization, please explain how you think it will be self sustaining in the future. (Show how your revenues can be higher than your expenses, and explain why and when this will happen.)
4. What research (talking to potential customers, suppliers, partners, co-founders, etc.) have you done on your idea?
5. What impact do you hope to accomplish with this idea (i.e revenue, profit, jobs, societal benefits, etc…)?
6. If you receive money from the pitch contest, what will you do with the money?
7. What City/Town do you live in?
8. What City/Town do you work in?
9. How did you hear about this contest?
10. Have you ever interacted with the EforAll before?

For any questions, please contact:
Mary Beth Burwood