Entrepreneur Program Blog / Global Entrepreneurship Week Celebration 2015!

On November 18th, EforAll celebrated Global Entrepreneurship with UML DifferenceMaker, Middlesex Community College, and the City of Lowell. This networking event featured a panel of experienced entrepreneurs, who discussed how life and product pivots have led to their success. Panelists included the Executive Director of Catie’s Closet, Mickey Cockrell, Vice President of KettlePizza, George Peters and Co-Founder of Nonspec, Erin Keaney. EforAll Lowell/Lawrence Executive Director, Franky Descoteaux commented on the importance of Global Entrepreneurship Week: “[it] is about celebrating the value of entrepreneurship as an engine for chance and to remind us that all of us are striving towards the same goals, not just locally but also globally.” Franky also spoke on the event’s title, saying, “often times in life and business you have to make a conscious decision to turn in a new direction, and you have to be prepared for the turn, so when the pivot is complete you can march forward in a new direction.”
When asked what she believes is the key to entrepreneurial success, Franky answered: “the key is understanding that there is not one key, you have to have the janitor’s key ring; you are going to open up a million doors, some right and some wrong, but pivoting is one of those keys to success.”
Franky also said that the greatest piece of advice she would give to aspiring entrepreneurs is to “build up the appropriate network around you and surround yourself with the right education, so when you launch you are fully prepared.” She also noted that these skills are only a few of those highlighted in EforAll’s accelerator program, which you can learn about here.