Entrepreneur Program Blog / FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: EforAll’s five-year celebration party: 100+ people gathered to celebrate the organization’s impact. David Parker, CEO, highlights impressive impact numbers.

Lowell, MA – On December 16, Entrepreneurship for All (EforAll) held a five-year celebration. The party was attended by more than 100 guests. Desh Deshpande and David Parker delivered remarks. CEO David Parker highlighted several key EforAll impact numbers, including:

  • Proportion of startups still pursuing their projects: 80%
  • Proportion of startups with a female founder / co-founder: 70%
  • Proportion of startups with a founder / co-founder who was unemployed prior to entering the accelerator: 60%
  • Estimated total revenue in 2015 of accelerator graduates:  $3.5 million
  • Total number of full and part time staff hired (not counting the entrepreneurs): 133
  • Net Promoter Score given by accelerator participants: 76%.  Comparable scores by highly regarded national firms include:
    • Amazon: 76%
    • Trader Joe’s: 73%
    • Apple hardware: 71%

The event recognized two “Entrepreneurs of the Year,” Rosa Alemán of Spiral Arts Multimedia Services and Thomas O’Hearn of On the Spot. Additionally, the EforAll “Mentor of the Year” is Kevin Oye.