Entrepreneur Program Blog / Fire+Ice Founder & CEO Connects with EforAll Finalists About His Successes & “Fckups”

Jim Miller, Founder & CEO of Fire + Ice, connects with EforAll Accelerator Finalists

Jim Miller, Founder & CEO of Fire + Ice, connects with EforAll Accelerator Finalists

On July 15, our Entrepreneurship for All (EforAll) Finalists took part in a special session. Jim Miller, the Founder & CEO of Fire + Ice stopped by to share his experience as a serial entrepreneur. He called the session “Fckups – Success, Failure & How to Know the Difference.” Here are some tidbits from his session: 

An entrepreneur always has courage & narcissism:

Meaning it takes a bit of both to believe that your idea is great and then have the guts to go out and try it. But then an entrepreneur has to do “a massive transformation” to become a humble and listening person. Always be willing to ask questions. Jim shared a story about starting a bus service company to bring students from Cambridge down to the Newport Folk Festival, which ended up being super successful. But then when he had raised a lot of money to start a laser eye surgery company it failed because they made all these wrong assumptions and never really asked the customers questions or listened. The reason the bus company was successful because he was the customer and knew all the other customers.

Good entrepreneurs ask:

  • Who is their customer
  • What are their channels
  • What is their value proposition

Always set criteria & goals:

Because if you as the entrepreneur aren’t setting them, someone else is. So make sure that you’re the one as the entrepreneur that is driving this.

Your company won’t start where it began—the ability to pivot is the ability to become successful:

Always know that it’s a dynamic market and listen to your customers, things will change.

You always need a partner to bounce ideas off of:

Whether it’s a co-founder, spouse, friend, etc. Basically a confidant you can trust and bounce ideas off of

Success is not killing yourself:

Use your own intuition – for example every day we make purchases that validate someone’s success – step back and think about why we make those purchases, understand the systems. You don’t have to be at your computer everyday dawn till dusk to be successful, making the smart choices and listening is much more likely to lead to success.